Otter Network Debuts Cloud-Based Video Production and Distribution Platform

The Austin-based startup seeks to put creators back in the center of content creation using state-of-the-art video capture, streaming and content management capabilities

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Otter Network, an Austin-based video production technology company, announced today the debut of two video content creation and management products, Director 2.0 and Teleport. Otter Network provides individual creators and creative production teams with the tools needed to produce, manage and distribute high-quality videos affordably through a technology-driven, full-stack platform.

“Today’s content creators, filmmakers, producers and branding teams all have one thing in common—a need for affordable, highest-quality video production capabilities and content management,” said Nick Tangborn, Otter Network CEO. “We’ve created tools that connect you with your audience, make your business virtual and generate new revenue, all in one platform.”

The startup’s advanced product suite allows users to create high-quality, multi-camera video shoots and distribute those videos to audiences through self-branded monetized streaming platforms without controlling a user’s data, as seen with existing major video platforms.

Otter Director is the brand’s best-in-class, high-definition video application built for multi-camera video shoots or livestreams using any iPhone or Android device. This software was redeveloped in 2021 to achieve one goal: Empower creators with industry-quality video tools to easily produce content using devices they already own, with no learning curve attached. Otter Director gives users the power to stream or record footage on up to four devices simultaneously anywhere in the world, seamlessly switch camera angles with the touch of a button, livestream content, and easily edit in post-production.

Teleport is a new way for creators and larger enterprises with established content, audiences or subscribers to recapture lost revenue and monetize their video content, free from the often-restrictive pricing models today’s content aggregation and streaming platforms charge content creators. It offers businesses—and individual creators with large, loyal audiences—a singular location to store and secure video libraries from multiple platforms. Teleport provides businesses with an affordable, scaleable and convenient way to manage and distribute video content without taking customer data. Both Teleport and Otter Director are now available for demo and free trial, respectively.

Co-founded by entertainment industry veterans Nick Tangborn and Harry Friedman, the team at Otter Network has decades of experience in film, television and digital media. Paired with a seasoned team of software development and technology engineers, Otter Network’s passion lies in combining their expertise to create a revolutionary product that puts creators back in the center of their own content models. Partnered with leading brands such as Austin City Limits, Big Swig and Lamborghini Austin, Otter Network is poised to empower companies and individual creators alike.

“During the pandemic, the demand for video and livestreaming was very high,” said Jack McFadden, senior talent buyer, Austin City Limits Live/3Ten. “Our focus was filming and providing content from musical artists on site at 3TEN and ACL Live. Otter Network was invaluable to this process and instrumental to the success we had during the world’s down time. Their professionalism and ease of use was paramount.”

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About Otter Network:

Otter Network is an end-to-end video production and distribution platform that maximizes the content-creating potential of smartphone cameras. Built for individual content creators and enterprises alike, Otter empowers its users to create, collect, distribute and monetize high-quality video content at a fraction of the price of third-party platforms, without sacrificing production quality. With best-in-class production products including Director 2.0 and Teleport, built with both individual creators and enterprise in mind, Otter Network puts the power to develop professional content in the palm of your hand. For more information, visit


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