OrthoLite Announces Extended Patent Protection for its OrthoLite® Hybrid® Technology Line

AMHERST, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OrthoLite®, the global leader in comfort and performance footwear insoles, announces that its patent protection has been extended for the speckled appearance of its OrthoLite® Hybrid® Technology line, including Hybrid®, HybridPlus-Bio®, and HybridPlus Recycled®.

Every OrthoLite insole, since the company’s founding in 1997, has included at least 5% recycled rubber. In addition to the strict performance qualities of OrthoLite insoles, this was an early commitment to reducing the use of virgin materials. This is the origin of OrthoLite’s distinctive speckled appearance. OrthoLite Hybrid® is GRS certified, and blends OrthoLite’s standard inclusion of 5% recycled rubber with a select range of 15% to 43% production waste foam.

To the more than 550 footwear brands OrthoLite works with, the speckled appearance indicates OrthoLite premium quality. In the case of the OrthoLite® Hybrid® line, these patents protect the colored foam speckled design that represents quality, comfort, and the inclusion of at least 20% recycled materials.

As of April 2, 2024, OrthoLite holds three design patents protecting the visual aesthetics of the Hybrid® line. That’s three times the defense against any knock-off products, and three times the defense if a competitor tries to challenge OrthoLite’s intellectual property claim.

“For OrthoLite Hybrid, the distinctive speckled aesthetic is inextricable from our proprietary chemistry and, therefore, is inextricable from the function of the product,” explains Glenn Barrett, founder and CEO of OrthoLite. “The patents ensure that no other insole supplier can imitate the visual design and try to confuse or obfuscate buyers around the product they’re selling.”

The three U.S. design patents on OrthoLite® Hybrid® foam:

  • D941568, granted in the U.S. on Jan. 25, 2022
  • D991659, granted in the U.S. on July 11, 2023, covers speckles on a “seed pearl” color foam as the background of the insole
  • D1020199, granted in the U.S. on April 2, 2024, is a continuation of patent #D991659 that covers colored speckles on any color foam as the background color

What differentiates OrthoLite’s three design patents is the color and foam background for a shoe insole. U.S. patent protection for the visual “look” of the colored foam speckles in its Hybrid® shoe insoles means that no other company may sell or market anything visually similar in a shoe insole within the United States. Doing so would violate the granted patents.

The distinctive and authentic Hybrid® design combines three, responsibly-sourced options:

  1. Post-production recycled foam. OrthoLite owns the means of production and also has recycling facilities where it reclaims and grinds the waste to meet its exclusive foaming specifications.
  2. Hybrid® uniquely utilizes OrthoLite’s proprietary chemistry along with reclaimed PU waste plus recycled rubber. OrthoLite virgin PU is combined with its post-production PU waste foam along with recycled outsole rubber to help further close the loop on manufacturing waste.
  3. All Hybrid® technologies are third-party certified validating the authenticity of its claims.

Along with verifications, like Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification and Recycled Claim Standards (RCS), patents provide an added layer of confidence that the OrthoLite supply chain is delivering precisely what it claims. “We embrace the critical importance of accountability and providing full transparency through globally recognized third-party resources that demonstrate our ongoing progress and leadership in environmental sustainability in both product and process,” Barrett stated.

For additional information about OrthoLite and its patents, please visit https://www.ortholite.com/patents/.

OrthoLite is the leading manufacturer and supplier of OEM and open-cell foam insole technologies for more than 550 global footwear brands. As a vertically integrated company with facilities around the globe, OrthoLite collaborates with its brand partners to create and produce custom insole formulations that deliver unrivaled comfort and performance. OrthoLite is the first name in comfort and performance foams with a stalwart commitment to an ongoing journey toward producing excellence with less-impactful manufacturing practices. Learn more at ortholite.com.

About OrthoLite®

OrthoLite is the world’s leading supplier of open-cell foam technology, and the innovator and creator of OrthoLite Cirql™, the patented, revolutionary alternative to conventional plastics that provides footwear brands and their factory partners with the most sustainable, circular choice in materials. OrthoLite’s innovative footwear solutions are available to brands that share a vision for the future of sustainable footwear. OrthoLite is found in more than 550 footwear brands across all categories of footwear. The company also has a long-standing history of meaningful partnerships and sponsorships that demonstrate a dedicated commitment to supporting its customers, consumers, brand partners and the footwear industry. OrthoLite is the Official Insole sponsor of the New York Yankees, supporter of The Conservation Alliance, The European Outdoor Conservation Association, and is a founding supporter of the Two Ten Foundation. Stay up to date with company news by visiting OrthoLite.com and following OrthoLite on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. To learn more about the benefits of OrthoLite, visit www.ortholite.com.


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