OptiTrack Launches Exclusive Motion Capture Program for Education Customers

The new initiative enhances motion capture technology support for learning institutions, pairing state-of-the-art technology with highly-valued incentives

CORVALLIS, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#highered–Today, OptiTrack, the worldwide leader in 3D tracking systems, announced the launch of the company’s Educational MoCap Program, an exclusive initiative intended to enhance motion capture (mocap) support for K-12 schools, colleges and universities. Aimed at customers who are upgrading existing mocap systems or implementing the technology for the very first time, the OptiTrack Educational MoCap Program pairs OptiTrack’s state-of-the-art mocap technology with incentives spanning pricing discounts, extended warranties and priority support.

OptiTrack mocap systems have long been a perfect fit for higher education institutions, delivering precision active and passive tracking and straightforward software. The new Educational MoCap Program follows OptiTrack’s decades of experience deploying leading-edge mocap technologies for customers at world-renowned laboratories, medical centers and research institutes as well as film and gaming studios. This includes applications as diverse as virtual production, virtual reality, movement sciences, animation and robotics.

“For nearly 30 years, OptiTrack has helped revolutionize research and curricula for education facilities, delivering industry-leading mocap technologies that power precise, flexible and easy-to-use workflows,” said OptiTrack Executive Vice President Stephanie Hines. “Our new Educational MoCap Program makes it easier than ever for today’s learning institutions to incorporate mocap technologies into their day-to-day lessons and learning.”

The industry leader’s new Educational MoCap Program equips education institutions with modern technology that today’s students expect for next-generation learning. Program participants also benefit from a selection of incentives that offer peace of mind, in addition to addressing challenges commonly faced in education. Registered program customers will receive the following:

  • Exclusive Pricing: With unique education-only pricing discounts on mocap cameras, accessories and software licensing, the OptiTrack Educational MoCap Program helps funds stretch further.
  • Hardware Trade-In Options: The exclusive trade-in program allows registered education customers to upgrade to OptiTrack’s most advanced, higher resolution or wider-view motion capture cameras at a discounted rate.
  • Extended Warranties: Customers can enjoy additional warranty duration for added peace of mind. OptiTrack products are built to last but, in the event technical support is needed, customers will benefit from extended product coverage for continuous, impeccable performance.
  • Priority Support: Program participants receive first-hand access to OptiTrack dedicated technical support resources. This includes knowledgeable US-based experts who are available to quickly assist with OptiTrack cameras, markers or software as questions or needs arise.
  • Tailored Training: Hands-on education is included, helping educational institutions maximize use of their mocap technologies to deliver effective, next-generation education experiences for students.

“From virtual production studios preparing students for a career in filmmaking to research institutes exploring groundbreaking medical advancements, today’s education mocap use cases are incredibly diverse and fast-evolving,” said OptiTrack Executive Vice President Adam Schmidt. “OptiTrack’s state-of-the-art mocap technology is one of the most widely used today. The Educational MoCap Program equips schools with the knowledge, tools and one-on-on support they need to execute influential, true-to-life, motion-based learning experiences.”

For more information about the new OptiTrack MoCap Educational Program or to register, visit www.optitrack.com/Education.

About OptiTrack

OptiTrack is the worldwide leader in 3D tracking systems through its 3D precision, low latency output, easy to use workflows, as well as a host of developer tools. Serving primary markets in drone and ground robot tracking, movement sciences, virtual production and character animation for film and games as well as virtual reality or mixed reality tracking, OptiTrack remains the most widely used tracking solution and is the favorite of world leading academia research and professional teams whose requirements are the most demanding in the world.


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