On-Set. Near-Set. Off-Set. The ASSIMILATE eco-system expands!

Hello everyone,

With the rapidly changing landscape of movie production and fewer people on-set, we have been adjusting our new on-set tools, Live Looks and Live Assist, over the past couple of months.

Both Live Assist and Live Looks now have Live Streaming functionality, as well as a new toolset for realtime skin-retouching built in.

The new integrated webserver allows users to share grades and recorded clips to all people on-set via a browser, turning Live Assist into a complete on-set media hub!

Plus, we’re planning for another one of our online sessions to show all this brand new functionality in practice!

Lastly, in days of ever increasing importance of metadata, we added support for frame-based metadata with R3D RAW footage to SCRATCH, so you can deliver the most pristine vfx-dailies utilizing the latest SDK with support for RED’s brand new Komodo camera and fully metal-accelerated decoding on the Mac!

More details on everything below! 

Live long and prosper,

The Assimilate Team

Live Stream camera feeds straight from On-Set

Part of our adjusting to the new world order was to implement live streaming capabilities into Live Looks and Live Assist. You can stream one or more cameras live to anybody connected remotely. If you want to try it out, get a free license and download the latest build from our website.

Stay tuned for another one of our online training sessions going over all new functionality – including multi-cam live streaming! In the meanwhile, start playing around with Live Assist and get yourself a FREE Creative Boost license.

On-Set Review via Production Central

Live Assist and Live Looks now ship with an integrated webserver, available from the Production Central dropdown in the top menu bar. Send the link to all people on-set, or let them simply scan the QR-code with their tablets and smartphones to instantly review all grades and in case of Live Assist, also play any and all recorded clips through their web browser.

Live Skin-retouching in Realtime

One of the most requested features was the ability to do realtime skin-retouching in Live Assist. Well – it’s there! The skintone selection can be done with incredible precision and skin can be enhanced and smoothened quickly with the provided parameters.

Of course we also added this functionality as a creative plugin to SCRATCH for finishing!

Frame-based Metadata & vfx Dailies

Equally important for DITs and vfx-houses: Support for frame-based metadata!

We already started with support for ARRI RAW and ARRI ProRes MXF and have now added support for R3D RAW as well. Camera positional data, as well as dynamic lens metadata now can be rendered into OpenEXR sequences to be delivered to vfx-departments.

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