North Georgia Eye Associates is the First to Offer Personalized Laser Cataract Surgery with ALLY® Adaptive Cataract Treatment System in Georgia

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–North Georgia Eye Associates is pleased to share that Dr. Jack Chapman, Dr. Matthew B. Kaufman, Dr. Jeffrey Crowder, and Dr. Matthew Hollar became the first throughout Georgia to utilize the recently FDA-cleared ALLY Adaptive Cataract Treatment System (“ALLY” or “ALLY System”).

“The ALLY laser is a game changer for our patients and surgical operations,” said Dr. Jack Chapman, Managing Partner and Ophthalmologist at North Georgia Eye Associates (previously Gainesville Eye Associates). “It’s smooth, efficient, accurate, and fast – truly amazing technology that has already helped me shorten my surgery time as well as treat my patients with astigmatism all in one procedure.”

The new ALLY Adaptive Cataract Treatment System is now in use and available to perform the most advanced, patient-friendly, laser cataract surgery procedure. The new procedure takes 50 percent less time than a standard procedure and enables our surgeons to deliver optimum visual outcomes.

“I have had the privilege of providing femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery experiences for nearly a decade. I was thrilled to find that the new ALLY System elevates these procedures to an entirely new level,” said Dr. Matthew Kaufman, Managing Partner and Ophthalmologist at North Georgia Eye Associates (previously North Georgia Eye Clinic). “We now perform our cases as a sterile procedure in one OR. The laser treatments are faster and more accurate, especially in its ability to treat astigmatism more reliably. We have been able to deliver improved patient comfort and satisfaction.”

The ALLY System, from LENSAR, is the first platform to combine advanced imaging and optimized femtosecond laser technologies into one compact system for cataract surgery. ALLY is designed to perform the entire cataract surgery procedure in a single, sterile setting, reducing the overall time and improving the experience for the patient and surgeon. In addition to improved efficiencies, ALLY’s proprietary features are enabling surgeons to deliver improved clinical outcomes. ALLY’s state-of-the-art Augmented Reality™ and Cataract Density Imaging provides surgeons with a new level of guidance and confidence while performing surgery.

“For laser-assisted cataract removal, ALLY has raised the bar,” said Dr. Jeffrey Crowder, Ophthalmologist at North Georgia Eye Associates (previously Gainesville Eye Associates). “We have incorporated cloud-based topography imports and laser lens capsule markings to achieve state-of-the-art astigmatism management. With the improved efficiency and adaptiveness of this laser, I have become a much stronger advocate for my patients to consider this alternative. If I were having cataract surgery, ALLY is the device I would choose.”

“Cataract surgery has been performed for thousands of years, and as surgeons, we stand on the shoulders of the many doctors who have come before us perfecting these techniques. I am therefore very excited now to be on the forefront of using the newest technology brought to us by researchers at LENSAR,” said Dr. Matthew Hollar, Ophthalmologist at North Georgia Eye Associates (previously North Georgia Eye Clinic). “The new ALLY laser system for cataract surgery has significant advantages over earlier methods. The laser’s ability to scan the eye and compare to measurements taken in the clinic improves our ability to treat astigmatism. This newest generation of laser can now also be performed under sterile conditions in the operating room which can lead to increased patient comfort.”

North Georgia Eye Associates is an affiliate of EyeSouth Partners, an eye care-focused management services organization committed to partnering with leading doctors to build a premier network of eye care services in the U.S. In addition to supporting its affiliates with administrative and operational needs, it also supports its eye doctors implementing the technological advancements available for patients in the field of eye care.

EyeSouth’s affiliate network consists of more than 295 doctors providing medical and surgical eye care services at over 170 locations with surgery centers throughout Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Tennessee, Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and North Carolina.

About North Georgia Eye Associates

As of July 2023, Gainesville Eye Associates and North Georgia Eye Clinic, the two largest, premier comprehensive ophthalmology practices in North Georgia, joined to form North Georgia Eye Associates. Together, the two practices share more than 100 years of combined experience bringing North Georgians a wide array of eye care services, from routine preventative care to surgical repair and cosmetic procedures, to help their patients achieve optimal vision. The practice (previously Gainesville Eye Associates) was the first eye care facility in Northeast Georgia to introduce the breakthrough bladeless laser cataract surgery. To learn more, visit:


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