New Scientific Research Confirms High Accuracy of Perfect Corp. AI Skin Technology for Evaluating Skin Concerns in Dermatology Settings

New scientific research out of Wake Forest School of Medicine finds Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin technology to be a precise, fast, and cost-effective solution for the professional skincare and medical spa industries.

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A new report by Dr. Steven R. Feldman, Professor of Dermatology at Wake Forest School of Medicine has confirmed the effectiveness of Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin technology in evaluating skin characteristics in dermatology practice and medical spa settings. Perfect Corp., the leading artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) beauty and fashion tech solutions provider, is the creator AI Skin technology, an award-winning solution powered by AI deep learning technology. The state-of-the-art AI-powered skin analysis software is able to precisely analyze skin and identify up to 14 major skin concerns including wrinkles, redness, skin firmness, radiance and acne. The innovative solution, which was recently confirmed to be HIPAA-compliant, is set to transform the dermatology and medical spa industries by providing a professional grade, accurate, fast, and cost-effective skin analysis solution.

New Medical Study Confirms High Accuracy of Perfect Corp. AI Skin Tech

In the new report, Dr. Steven R. Feldman outlines the results of two detailed studies comparing Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin technology to both physician assessments and imaging devices, which are considered the standard for skin analysis in clinical research settings. The report findings confirm the high accuracy of Perfect Corp.’s technology in identifying patient skin concerns, as well as the speed and cost benefits of the software.

  • Excellent Test-Retest Reliability: The report confirms that Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin technology has achieved excellent test-retest reliability (ICC > 0.90) assessed with the intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) and Cronbach’s alpha measure of internal consistency. The study observed the results of the software when analyzing patients with a variety of skin tones, skin types, ages, and genders, as well as skin in various lighting conditions and backgrounds. The results were highly consistent and accurate, identifying the same key skin concerns with each scan.
  • High Correlation with Physician Skin Assessments: The study confirmed that the skin assessments obtained using Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin software were highly correlated with assessments done by physicians, indicating the accuracy and precision of the software in recognizing skin concerns.
  • High Correlation with Clinical Imaging System with Dedicated Hardware and Cameras: The report also analyzed the results of Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Analysis technology when compared to the clinical imaging system with dedicated hardware and cameras, a clinical device for skin analysis in dermatology settings. The study confirmed a high correlation between the results of the two solutions for every skin concern measured.
  • AI Skin Software is a Seamless, Cost-Effective Solution: While imaging booth devices are considered a standard for skin analysis in clinical settings, they often consist of large hardware devices that require special, costly equipment to operate. Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin software is a cost-effective alternative that can be easily integrated across various devices and platforms, and operated seamlessly from a smartphone or tablet in the patient’s hand, or any modern web browsers. With highly optimized AI algorithms, Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin software delivers consistent and reliable results without a need for dedicated hardware, special cameras, lighting or background setup, or special probes.
  • High Speed Skin Analysis: When comparing the length of time necessary to perform an analysis of the skin, Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin software was able to deliver results 20x faster than the Clinical Imaging System, providing precise skin analysis instantly. The market-leading AI deep learning models are fine-tuned to preform ultra-fast skin analysis on mobile devices, as well as modern web browsers. Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin software utilizes multi-core CPU computing, GPU, TPU, NPU processors, and highly optimized algorithms to achieve the extreme performance.

Expanding Award-Winning AI Skin Technology into New Spaces

“We are thrilled to hear the results of Dr. Feldman’s study, and look forward to expanding Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin technology into the dermatology and medical spa industries,” said Perfect Corp. CEO and Founder Alice Chang, “Our AI Skin technology provides a highly-accurate, cost-effective solution to providers and allows them to create a modern patient experience with instant and highly-precise skin concern readings.”

Perfect Corp. Master Series Webinar: The Role of Skin Tech in the Future of Dermatology

To learn more about Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin technology and its application in the dermatology space, as well as the findings of Dr. Steven Feldman’s report, register for Perfect Corp.’s upcoming webinar on September 14th at 1 P.M EST. Click here to register for free.

To read the report by Dr. Steven R. Feldman, follow this link:

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