New Indie Game ‘Polaroid: Pieces of Memory’ Enters Early Access on Steam

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#EarlyAcessGameTHEAND Company, a game development company, announced the early access release of its latest game ‘Polaroid: Pieces of Memory’ on Steam on August 31.

This game is set on the storyline of Roid, the handyman of a small town, taking a trip down memory lane after retrieving a photo album filled with memories. Players repair objects from the photo album using such tools as a screwdriver, a spanner, and adhesive.

Players can repair familiar objects from childhood, ranging from a toy train to a skateboard enjoyed with friends and a game console, which was a present from their grandfather, by solving puzzles.

Polaroid also offers a variety of content including a mini-game to skateboard through obstacles as if testing the repaired objects and a short retro game enjoyed after repairing the game console.

Jeong Min-gil, CEO of THEAND Company, said, “Growing up, we all have the experience of taking apart, assembling, and repairing various objects. Polaroid is a game that captures the story of our lives. Following the early access, we plan to release the official version with a storyline and 20 objects completed with users through the community by the first half of 2024.”


Jeong Min-gil

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