New Entertainment Attraction with “Ninjas” in Japan; Explore Japan with Multilingual Voices with a Ninja Theme; AR Tourism Content “Path of the Japanese NINJA” Launched – Avex Entertainment

World-renowned kid YouTuber, Ryan Kaji, is its ambassador

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Avex Entertainment Co., Ltd., in collaboration with the Japan Ninja Council, will launch the Path of the Japanese NINJA, a multilingual tourism content that travels around Japan with voice and music, with a theme centering on ninjas.

The content focuses on various Japanese ninja media, including “Ninja Warrior” and “Naruto,” which are popular overseas, and aims to provide a broad overview of Japan’s nature, culture, and climate through the eyes of a ninja. Overseas visitors to Japan can use the Sound Augmented Reality Format (SARF) voice AR application to enjoy the experience of touring around 196 voice spots located by GPS throughout Japan, using ninja navigation.

The “Path of the NINJA” consists of four routes: the Kyoto Route, which takes visitors to Japan’s representative ancient capitals, Kyoto and Nara, and the merchant city of Osaka; the Kumano Route, which takes visitors to Japan’s oldest historical sites, including the World Heritage Kumano Kodo Trail and Ise Jingu Shrine; the Central Japan Route, which traverses the great nature that straddles the center of Japan from Nagoya to Tokyo; and the Tokai Route, which passes Kamakura and Mount Fuji and follows Japan’s main travel artery. By completing each route, you will be able to enjoy different spiritual features, nature, and culture through the use of multilingual audio guides.

In addition, with the aim of raising awareness of the “Path of the NINJA” globally and promoting “NINJA Tourism”, we have welcomed Ryan Kaji, the world-renowned kid YouTuber, as its ambassador, and have released an original video that introduces the appeal of the NINJA route. (

The service is available by downloading the app from:

[App Store]
[Google Play]

  • About the voice AR “SARF”

    Voice AR is a solution that combines “location information” with “voice information” to create new ways of enjoying everyday life and new experiences. This is an effort to place a museum’s audio guide all across a city through the use of an app. Unlike visual-dependent ARs, there are advantages unique to voice + AR, such as the greater safety in not inducing phone use while walking or not damaging the landscape or cultural properties, etc. in tourist destinations.
  • Multilingual support

    Japanese, English, Korean, and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) are supported (Japanese and English are supported for the voice component).

    Available from smartphones, it can be used as a no-contact tourism tool that does not compromise the sense of immersion during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • About Ryan Kaji

    World-class kid YouTuber. In 2015, at the age of 3, he launched the YouTube channel “Ryan’s World”. Currently, he is the world’s No. 1 YouTuber with his number of subscribers exceeding 30 million, and his videos being viewed more than 48 billion times. For the third consecutive year since 2018, he has been recognized by Forbes as the world’s top-earning YouTuber.
    His father is Japanese, he has a deep relationship with Japan, and is very interested in Japan.

    Ryan’s World:
    Ryan’s World YouTube:

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