New Approach to Diversity Training: Learning by Doing

SkillsVR Launches Real-World Experience to Develop Awareness and Empathy Through Immersive Virtual Realty Platform

—Customized Training Solution from SkillsVR Offers Users a “Learning by Doing” Experience, Applying Proven Experiential Methods to Support Shifts Toward Inclusive Organizational Cultures—

SAN MATEO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SkillsVR, the immersive virtual reality (VR) training company, today announced the launch of a new VR Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIB) training solution, featuring interactive scenarios custom-designed for experiential learning. Users will be guided through a program designed to help them learn by doing, with the end goal of improving self-awareness, reducing unconscious bias and shifting towards more inclusive behaviors.

“Many organizations are struggling to find DEI training that helps employees develop greater self-awareness, curiosity, and empathy – real skills that can directly translate into more inclusive behaviors in the workplace,” said James Coddington, CEO of SkillsVR. “The SkillsVR Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging solution is the latest evolution of our mission to utilize experiential learning to create a more understanding, supportive and positive organizational culture.”

Each SkillsVR Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging training module allows participants an opportunity to respond to an emotionally charged virtual situation and to self-reflect upon their sense of curiosity and empathy towards the virtual characters they encounter in the custom-designed scenario. Compared to the slow pace, distractions, and often unrealistic scenarios of conventional anti-bias or DEI training, this immersive approach promotes conscious awareness – enabling each participant to readily consider their own “blind spots” in an independent environment free of shame or discomfort about their instant reactions to the virtual situation.

The SkillsVR Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging module can be tailored to the unique requirements of the client’s workplace, presenting realistic on-the-job situations so that skills gained can be directly applied in the future. This custom-design framework tracks each learner’s progress, measuring attitudes and skills developed through a variety of benchmarks and assessments. Each session is recorded, allowing for review and feedback with trainers or facilitated group discussions to support continuous improvement.

“The SkillsVR approach to understanding bias and Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging training will give companies a unique and effective tool to promote empathy and curiosity as core values of their organizational culture,” said Coddington. “Every employee will now have the opportunity to enhance skills that positively influence how they interact with colleagues and customers in the workplace on a daily basis.”


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To learn more about the SkillsVR Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging training offering, please visit SkillsVR.



Rachel Matela

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