$MUSK Gold Digital Asset Launches $MUSK Gold Rush Rewards Contest

Three winners chosen, with $10,000 $MUSK Gold for 1st place, $6,900 $MUSK Gold for 2nd place and $4,200 $MUSK Gold for 3rd place

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–$MUSK #MUSK–$MUSK Gold ($MUSK), a peer-to-peer digital asset also known as the “Gold of the Galaxy,” announces the launch of the $MUSK Gold Rush Rewards Contest. The contest will launch today with the winners announced on February 28th, 2022. Three winners will be chosen with $10,000 $MUSK Gold for 1st place, $6,900 for 2nd place and $4,200 for 3rd place.

There is a new digital age “Gold Rush” today with countries like El Salvador adopting cryptocurrency as legal tender, and states like Wyoming and Arizona debating similar proposals. No cryptocurrency has claimed space yet, which is where $MUSK Gold has positioned itself as the “Gold of the Galaxy.”

To enter, contestants must join the $MUSK Gold Telegram Group and submit their Online Google Form to enter the Gold Rush Contest, which is available here: https://rush.musk.gold/

$MUSK Gold will mail you the $MUSK Gold Sticker Pack. Show them where you place $MUSK Gold and tag it on Twitter with @muskgold and #muskgold.

$MUSK Gold will poll the Telegram Group and let them vote on their chosen Top 10 Finalists, with the top three winners revealed on February 28th.

Follow along on $MUSK Gold Twitter https://twitter.com/Muskgold and $MUSK Gold Telegram https://t.me/muskgold

See here for $MUSK Gold Rush Terms: https://rush.musk.gold/

About $MUSK Gold:

$MUSK Gold is a decentralized peer to peer digital asset, known as the “Gold of the Galaxy.” This token is a fully launched and developed commodity designed to be used on Earth, but also: (1) in digital outer space or other virtual reality platforms and metaverses; (2) alternate reality video games; and (3) non-fungible token marketplaces. $MUSK Gold will focus future projects developed under their ‘five pillars’ essential for humanity to thrive: Energy, Communication, Transportation, Architecture, and Digital Assets. Taking a cue from Elon Musk naming his car brand after his idol Nikola Tesla, $MUSK Gold is an homage to arguably this generation’s greatest pioneer. Learn more about $MUSK Gold on their official website at www.Musk.Gold

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