Moises, the Complementary AI App for Musicians, Reaches 30m+ Users

Building on $10.25m in investment, Moises lets tens of millions of creators supercharge their music and audio thanks to cool AI tools.

Moises, the mobile and web app that unlocks AI’s powers for musicians and audio creatives of all kinds and levels, is announcing that it now has more than 30 million registered users. Regularly appearing at the top of app store charts and winning awards, Moises shows how AI can add to creativity, not replace it, and transforms audio processes in ways that get more people making music than ever before.

“The future of both AI and music creation point toward symbiosis, not competition. We see our products as complementary AI that supplements and empowers more people to make more and better music,” says CEO, co-founder, and drummer Geraldo Ramos. “We’re thrilled to see more and more people playing around with our tools, generating cool ideas, and perfecting their musicianship.”

Moises lets users separate their personal tracks into stems (individual voices or instruments), detect chords, shift tempo or pitch without changing other musical parameters, and master their audio to add extra polish, among other features. These AI tools are building blocks that complement nearly every phase of the creative process, from practicing to remixing to readying a recorded track for release.

To create these tools, Moises licenses the stems that train its models. “In fact, we want to license more stems!” exclaims Ramos. “It’s part of our mission to honor the rights and needs of music makers, by supporting them financially and creatively.”

This forward-looking business model, along with the company’s proven AI prowess, has attracted investors in both the US and Latin America, including Monashees, a leading Brazilian investor, and early-stage American investor Kickstart Fund, with participation from Norwest, Toba Capital, Alumni Ventures, Goodwater, and Valutia. 

Moises’ approach and its remarkable user growth has sparked significant B2B interest. Because it supports 30 million users, Moises is one of very few companies with the infrastructure to run large AI models that render results quickly. It aims to become the first creative AI-as-a-service in audio, by crafting a customizable toolkit that allows platforms and services with AI dreams to build their own AI-centered creator product—way faster and more reliably than if they developed it themselves from scratch.

“We’re excited that our product is something that both musicians and creators love” ,” says Ramos. “What is even more exciting is that we’re seeing complementary AI’s value across all aspects of the music ecosystem, from artists and content owners to service providers. We’re thrilled at the opportunity to let everyone in the music community leverage these technologies.”

About Moises
Based in the US, with a tech hub in Brazil, Moises is the musicians app that turns AI into real tools to make better music and audio. Founded by Geraldo Ramos, Eddie Hsu, and Jardson Almeida, three music loving tech innovators from Northeastern Brazil, Moises researches how music and AI can play together and how AI can best serve music makers of all levels. With a wide range of carefully crafted features, Moises strive to empower creative potential and democratize advanced music tools previously only available to audio professionals. It has become a go-to part of many musicians’ learning, composing, and mixing process. Learn more at

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