Meet the Duo Behind DESAVO, the Most Important Accessory the NBA Uses to Protect Its Players From the Bubble to The Finals

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Founded by Jonathan Malveaux and David Sajous, the duo was alarmed by the lack of effective, trustworthy masks as the pandemic hit. They decided to take matters into their own hands and created DESAVO, one of the most effective masks available using advanced technology and backed by science and data. Their goal was simple: to save lives offering the most protective masks on the market.

Teaming with the NBA was their first test. The NBA set the standard for protection during the height of the pandemic, and partnered with doctors, public health officials and premier testing labs to identify the best product available globally: DESAVO was selected as the clear winner to protect athletes and coaches across the NBA, WNBA and G League.

In addition to creating infrastructure to meet the demand of large corporations, teams, airlines, the Oscars and the Tokyo Olympics, DESAVO created a D2C platform to supply directly to the general public. Available now for comfort and safety nationally, in Canada and coming soon to Asia and Europe.

Masks Facts:

Filtering Efficiency over 99.9% – DESAVO was tested by the CDC/NIOSH’sNPPTL (National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory) testing lab and the filtration efficiency levels measured over 99.9% – full assessment may be found on the CDC website here.

Academy Awards, Professional Sports – DESAVO was selected and used by the Oscars and the Kennedy Center Honors, among other TV and film production studios, to protect the talent and production crews. DESAVO is also the preferred mask partner of over 75 professional sports teams, 1,000 professional athletes, commercial airlines, Fortune 100 companies, and education and healthcare institutions.

Individually Wrapped – DESAVO masks are individually wrapped making them easy to store in the car, at the office, or in your bag while traveling and to share with friends and family in a sanitary manner.

Malveaux and Sajous are the same team that launched highly regarded Nano Air Mask in the Summer of 2020; DESAVO was designed and developed to be their next level professional grade mask and is now the #1 mask brand among professional athletes and large corporations. It is now being made directly available to the public at


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