Latest Release of Wind River Studio Delivers Transformational Automation Technologies Across the Intelligent Systems Lifecycle

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  • Latest release of Wind River Studio provides customizable automation engine, digital feedback loop, enhanced security, analytics with machine learning capabilities, and DevSecOps pipeline.
  • Platform delivers seamless collaboration across the product lifecycle for an increasingly remote, geographically dispersed workforce and changing developer demographics.
  • Wind River Studio includes integration of proven technologies from ecosystem partners through Wind River Studio Marketplace.

ALAMEDA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#5GWind River®, a global leader in delivering software for intelligent systems, has introduced its latest release of Wind River Studio. Unique to the industry, Wind River Studio is a cloud native platform for the development, deployment, operations, and servicing of mission-critical intelligent systems from devices to cloud. It enables dramatic improvements in productivity, agility, and time-to-market, with seamless technology integration that includes far edge cloud compute, data analytics, security, 5G, and AI/ML.

The growth of 5G and sophisticated AI applications and the emergence of more intelligent systems and autonomous systems deliver on the promise of IoT. It is estimated that AI, robotics, and automation will drive 70% of global GDP growth between now and 2030.1

“The next generation of cloud-connected intelligent systems requires the right software infrastructure to securely capture and process real-time machine data with digital feedback from a multitude of edge systems, enabling advanced automated and autonomous scenarios,” said Kevin Dallas, president and CEO, Wind River. “Wind River Studio delivers a flexible and collaborative platform that addresses the dynamic automation needs surrounding the intelligent systems of the future, providing a complete lifecycle experience adapted for a cloud native environment.”

Automation is key throughout the secure DevSecOps software lifecycle, freeing organizations from repetitive, mundane tasks and allowing them to focus on innovation and customer value. The latest release of Wind River Studio includes enhanced automation capabilities to help drive velocity for software teams building connected intelligent systems, such as airborne delivery drones, autonomous vehicles, and factory robots. The platform now offers customizable automation pipelines and integration with commonly used automation tools.

New capabilities in Wind River Studio span the four phases of an intelligent system’s lifecycle and include the following:


  • A pipeline manager visual tool to define, monitor, and execute complex software automation pipelines enabling continuous integration and continuous delivery of collaborative projects for VxWorks® and Wind River Linux, with ability to build each in less than five minutes
  • Digital twin creation and synchronization to model resources, devices, and entire systems in cyberspace for verification and operation with capabilities such as high-fidelity simulation using Wind River Simics®, quick emulation using QEMU, and simulation
  • DevSecOps capabilities enabling modern software development deployable on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft® Azure


  • A modern cloud platform updated with new 5G vRAN accelerator support and GPU enabled for AI-on-5G and augmented reality application support
  • Application orchestration to deploy, configure and manage the lifecycle of complex applications onto target devices or cloud infrastructure, spanning private and public cloud environments including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and the Studio cloud platform
  • Automation capabilities for the management and deployment of cloud infrastructure
  • CI/CD and DevSecOps enabling infrastructure as code for deployment and lifecycle management of infrastructure and applications


  • A digital feedback loop to unlock the value of data from the operating system, application, infrastructure, system or device to increase the ability to make improvements and rapidly address problems
  • Analytics powered by the digital feedback loop for real-time analysis, reporting and alerting of infrastructure and application performance, as well as integration with back-end Big Data systems
  • Operations automation to reduce OpEx and enable the operation of complex distributed intelligent systems
  • Infrastructure management capabilities to enable automated day-to-day maintenance of virtualized infrastructure and systems


  • Enablement Services for network setup, configuration, installation and testing of Studio into Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure
  • Acceleration Services providing analysis and migration of legacy workflows to modern DevSecOps, with expert-level training and integration of advanced tools
  • Transformation Services providing managed services, security, certification, and machine learning practices, as well as application specific solutions
  • Concierge Services also available for select customers to accelerate onboarding from the Enablement, Acceleration, and Transformation services

Partner Ecosystem

Integration of industry proven technologies from ecosystem partners through Wind River Studio Marketplace, including the following:

  • Static and dynamic analysis from LDRA that automates coding standards compliance, software quality analysis, and source code coverage analysis on the host and target, delivering a single work environment to conduct safety and security critical analysis and verification tasks throughout the DevOps software lifecycle
  • Software composition analysis from Revenera to securely manage the use of open source components by providing a complete software bill of materials for more transparency in the software supply chain and continuous monitoring of open source license compliance and vulnerabilities, as well as supporting steps for remediation
  • Coverity® static code analysis solution from Synopsys to help development and security teams address security and quality defects early in the software development lifecycle

About Wind River

Wind River is a global leader in delivering software for the intelligent edge. The company’s technology has been powering the safest, most secure devices in the world since 1981 and is found in billions of products. Wind River offers a comprehensive portfolio, supported by world-class global professional services and support and a broad partner ecosystem. Wind River software and expertise are accelerating digital transformation of mission-critical intelligent systems that will increasingly demand greater compute and AI capabilities while delivering the highest levels of security, safety, and reliability. To learn more, visit Wind River at

1 Forbes/Wind River, “Characteristics of Intelligent Systems,” 2021

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