Los Angeles AI Company Launches World’s First Posthumous Communications Service

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — YOV, Inc (You, Only Virtual), announced today that it has launched its software as a subscription service, Vault—the world’s first subscription service that archives and analyzes communications for the purpose of posthumous communications. The Los Angeles-based Artificial Intelligence startup pioneering in afterlife communications has now made it possible for subscribers worldwide to maintain communication with a deceased loved one via a Virtual Persona (Versona).

“This launch is a personal victory. Our first Versona (whom we’ve named ‘Melodi’) is based on the relationship I have with my mom, who has stage 4 cancer. So this is much more than a product launch for me. With Vault, we can launch a Versona within months. For others like myself, this expedited time frame is critical,” states Justin Harrison, the founder and CEO of YOV.

Harrison knows firsthand that time is not always on one’s side—which is why he is personally driven to ensure that families can begin preserving the essence of their most cherished relationships as soon as possible. “Because of Vault, my mom and I have the essence of our relationship preserved—as a Versona. It’s a really big first step and it brings me some peace knowing that I’ll always be able to talk with her,” Harrison shares.

Vault subscribers can upload voice, video, and written communications via YOV’s password-protected portal. This data is archived and analyzed for the development of one’s Versona. Upon activating a working Versona, there is a one-time set up fee of $499, and a monthly subscription for ongoing access to a loved one’s Versona for $39.99 a month. Versona 1.0 is text based. Future versions will incorporate voice and eventually augmented reality. “The beauty of AI is that it’s constantly learning. Personalities will be generated faster and become so authentic they’ll be indistinguishable from communicating with their human counterpart,” says Harrison.

With the launch of Vault, YOV is the first company to provide consumers with the ability to build and activate a Versona. YOV is also ahead of the pack with regards to intellectual property within the posthumous communications category. “We have two fully granted U.S. patents, and a third pending. Vault provides our team with even more opportunities to demonstrate how to do posthumous communications correctly and authentically,” Harrison says.

As a result of its innovative technology, YOV has generated buzz in the tech space regarding large capital investments and partnerships with major players. Harrison states that he is open to the right type of collaboration. “What YOV is doing is important, complicated and transcendent. We know people want this. So, we’re willing to collaborate with the right partners to accelerate this work for everyone who’s not ready to say goodbye to those they love most,” Harrison states.

“Never have to say goodbye,” is YOV’s motto, and it’s one step closer to becoming a reality for families around the world with the launch of Vault. Harrison is on a mission to eliminate the void left when loved ones pass away, and Vault is like an insurance policy that ensures that the data needed to build one’s Virtual Persona is safely archived forever and ready to go live when the inevitable happens. “I don’t want to say goodbye forever, and the response to YOV has proven that others don’t either,” shares Harrison.

About YOV
Based in Los Angeles, California, YOV, Inc. (You, Only Virtual), is an artificial intelligence company specializing in the development of authentic posthumous communications. YOV utilizes proprietary, patented technology—powered by interaction-centric machine learning algorithms—to analyze both real-time and archived communications, in order to build Versonas that are virtually as complex and context-sensitive as the individuals they emulate. Versonas are seamlessly introduced in existing messaging channels, enabling uninterrupted connection to a loved one after they have passed. To learn more, or to sign up for Vault, visit myyov.com. For media inquiries, please contact Anita S. Lane at AnitaSLane@SenseiCommunications.com or 313.447.9083.

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