Loot NFT Co., Olympus Watch Co., and Meme Kong Have Partnered Up for the Race Armada Rally

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ARLoot NFT Co., Olympus Watch Co., and Meme Kong have partnered up to sponsor the next edition of the Race Armada Rally (RATX). The event is happening from September 17 to 20. About fifty cars will take the scenic roads of Colorado, from Denver to the mountains of Telluride. The four-day journey will cover 1,200 miles across the state and gather auto enthusiasts, media and talent contractors, entrepreneurs, and volunteers for a unique experience.

Participants will also have the opportunity to join an augmented reality treasure hunt with Lootverse, the first discovered parallel world – created by Loot NFT Co. Rally members who register to lootverse.com and select the “Earth Glitch” on the map filters will get immersed in the AR view to search for items hidden in the physical world, including stunning models from Olympus Watch Co. The first ten players to collect three items in the same collection will be rewarded with an FH-certified Swiss timepiece.

“Augmented Reality unveils countless opportunities for digital and physical worlds to connect and enhance the customer experience. We are taking it to the next level with Race Armada, Olympus Watch Co., and Meme Kong. This accessible and easy game is just one use case of how AR can become part of people’s lives,” said James Duchenne, CEO and Co-Founder of Loot NFT Co.

“Meme Kong ($MKONG), being the first ‘hybrid token,’ has set out to host events to get people out of the house! Our crypto counterparts have done well in the space, but the ‘digital community’ suffered hugely from a lack of physical experiences. This partnership was very natural to bring both digital and real-world communities together,” said Austin Auflick, Project Controls Manager of Meme Kong.

About Loot NFT

Loot NFT Co. created and administers Lootverse, the first discovered parallel world. Lootverse has 4,880 districts with its own culture, political system, and economic activity, where users can register, buy and develop their land, play games, shop, and more.

About Olympus Watch Co.

Olympus Watch Co. is a Houston-based luxury watch brand founded in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Inspired by the unbreakable Houstonian spirit to rebuild from destruction, the company upcycles destroyed vehicles and transforms them into luxury Swiss timepieces.


Tayce Bandeira Marchesi – tayce@lootnft.io

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