Live FX And Live FX Studio v9.7 Released!

Assimilate is excited to announce the release of Live FX and Live FX Studio v9.7!

Live FX 9.7 features a completely redesigned toolset for image-based lighting – found in the new Stage Lights tab. With that, gaffers and lighting console programmers can use Live FX for pixel mapping and even control every aspect via common lighting consoles. Also new is the support for video fixtures, which are driven by an LED processor, instead of traditional DMX patching.

The Stage Manager also received significant updates.

It is now possible to show a complete preview of the mapped image inside the Stage Manager. Also a new projection mode was added, called “Planar to Wall”, where the image is projected onto a plane relative to the LED wall. This enhances especially 2D projection workflows for e.g. driving plates.

Other improvements include the addition of a nwe plugin to capture Unreal Engine Textureshare natively and support for Nvidia frame locking to work in conjunction with the existing Sync Player feature to link multiple Live FX systems together. Also support for OptiTrack and Stype camera tracking solutions has been added.


  • Projection Mapping
    We now offer 4 different projection modes in Live FX Studio:
    Frustum and Planar for 2D, 2.5D and 3D/Unreal scenes, as well as Spherical and Dome projection for equirectangular content! The Stage Manager now features a complete realtime preview of the projection, which allows you to prep all your content ahead of time much more easily without a physical LED wall active.
  • Image-Based Lighting
    Stage Lights is the re-designed from scratch IBL module. A dedicated toolset with a lot of new functionality to manage your stage lights. New features include support for GDTF templates, lighting console support and video fixtures. You are now also able to color grade and -manage individual fixtures, group them and adjust them through a portable web-interface!
  • Multi-Node Setups
    We enhanced our Sync Players feature to include frame locking with Nvidia Quadro Sync cards. This way, multiple Live FX systems in a network can play out individual content 100% in sync, down to the very frame.
  • Extended Tracker Support
    Live FX Studio 9.7 adds support for Stype and OptiTrack camera tracking solutions.
  • Improved Unreal Engine Workflow
    Live FX 9.7 can now receive image input with close to zero latency from Unreal via the Texture share SDK. The LiveLink Plugin has been updated to support Unreal Engine 5.3.

And of course tons of other little features and improvements!

Users can download the trial immediately via the “Try” button on the Live FX product page.

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