Leo AR Launches its First 3D AR NFT Collection

New 3D NFT collections, “Leo 3D Lions for AR,” opens up a world of possibilities for collectors and artists to utilize their collections in AR and the Metaverse.

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Leo AR, one of the leading consumer-facing AR apps leveraging augmented reality technology and the Web3 community, is revealing a new addition to its platform: 3D NFT Collections titled ‘Leo 3D Lions for AR’. Leo AR will incorporate an in-app NFT marketplace through which users can browse and buy 3D NFTs as well as use them in the app Leo AR.

As the Metaverse and Web3 technologies continue to grow, Leo AR plans to utilize its AR technology to let NFT collectors purchase 3D NFTs, and place and record their NFTs in the real world. Additionally, Leo AR is providing NFT collectors a new way to purchase 3D NFTs in mobile, showcase their purchases, as well as share their purchases through the Leo AR App.

In addition, Leo AR lets NFT collectors easily upload their NFTs (2D or 3D) into Leo AR, frame them in AR and place and record them in the real world (i.e. your living room or bedroom, on the walls or on a table). With the release of their own exclusive collections of 3D NFTs, collectors can instantly purchase NFTs within Leo AR, place and interact with them, record and share them.

“Leo AR is excited to bring more magic into people’s hands via Augmented Reality and the 3D NFT community. 3D NFTs is a natural progression of the NFT market as collectors find new ways to use their NFTs in the real world. We have a talented group of engineers and artists who see a world where 3D NFTs collections will help to bring a more artistic and entertaining way to express any world we want to live in,” says Dana Loberg, founder and CEO of Leo AR.

Leo AR will continue to grow its library of 3D NFT collections, allowing 3D NFT’s to be usable in their Augmented Reality App and other platforms in the future.

About Leo AR

Leo AR is the first augmented reality communications platform that gives anyone the power to enrich the world around them with realistic 3D and 4D animated objects and photogrammetry. Leo AR is one of the leading consumer-facing AR apps today, allowing users to instantly modify their surroundings by choosing from a massive library of realistic 3D objects and interacting with the new world around them. Follow Leo AR on Twitter at @leoarapp, or Instagram @leoarapp and for more information visit https://leoapp.com.


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