Leo AR Launches 3D Model Marketplace for Buying and Selling Models in Mobile

For the first time, artists can get mobile distribution of their 3D assets, as well as see, record and share their models in the real world with consumers globally.

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Leo AR, one of the leading consumer facing Augmented Reality Apps today, launched a marketplace in the app which will make it easier for 3D artists to buy and sell 3D models directly to consumers. Artists will have the ability to view their objects and record them in the real world, while users will get the chance to purchase and use more unique 3D objects from artists around the world. 3D model artists will also get the chance to monetize their portfolios as millions of users will have the opportunity to purchase tens of thousands of high-quality 3D models and effects.

As AR continues to be an ever-expanding market, marketplaces like Leo AR will be able to provide a more mobile way for everyone to have access to unique, high quality objects made from artists. Artists will finally have the opportunity to see their objects in the real world, in their mobile devices, where currently they’re seen mainly in web. Founder, Dana Loberg is an artist looking to bring fair and artist-friendly marketplace where artists can fairly monetize their work to consumers.

“Today, most of the 3D asset marketplaces are web based and sold in bulk to gaming companies or other corporations. Mobile is the best way to experience AR 3D objects and nobody has yet been able to build a marketplace in mobile that offers an easy way for artists to monetize their existing portfolios directly to consumers. Leo AR wants to expand this reach for artists to mobile users globally, so that everyone can have access to their work and help artists gain notoriety and followers for their efforts in building these digital assets,” says Dana Loberg, founder of Leo AR.

Leo AR takes 10% of any sale and will continue to support their artists by helping them price their models and portfolios, as well as new ideas or subjects popular amongst their user base.

Artists looking to submit and monetize their portfolios can submit them here: link

About Leo AR

Leo AR is the first augmented reality communications platform that gives anyone the power to enrich the world around them with realistic 3D and 4D animated objects and photogrammetry. Leo AR is one of the leading consumer facing AR apps today, allowing users to instantly modify their surroundings by choosing from a massive library of realistic 3D objects and interacting with the new world around them. Follow Leo AR on Twitter at @leoarapp, or Instagram @leoarapp and for more information visit https://leoapp.com.


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