8BitCADE Level Up – Learn how to Code through Making your own Games!

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The 8BitCADE Level Up is a unique game console where users can make their own games and learn the fundamentals of coding through the process. By simply plugging in their devices and logging in to the Level Up Learning Platform, users can access a plethora of learning tools that teach them how to code in fun and exciting ways. Through step-by-step video tutorials, daily challenges and missions, first-time programmers code their way up the experience ladder and eventually become versed enough to start their own programming projects!

“The Coolest Tech Gadget of the 2021 Holiday Season”

Back in the day, 8-bit programmers had to work with very little memory, which resulted in the development of amazing techniques that cleverly did more with less. It takes incredibly large teams to make games nowadays, so the Level Up aims to challenge users to think outside the box and teach them the basics of game development.

The 8BitCADE Level Up console features a sleek retro handheld vibe, bringing gamers back to the iconic 90’s retro gaming era. If the large library of 200+ pre-installed games seem unamusing, gamers can head over to the 8BitCADE Level Up Learning Platform to code their very own games – RPGs, shooters, whatever they seek to create!

The Level Up Learning Platform is an interactive and fun instructional tool that teaches the fundamentals of coding. 8BitCADE aspires for its platform to not only teach users coding basics and game development, but to also teach all of the skills essential to becoming a full-fledged programmer. The platform will also feature tutorials for future exciting 8BitCADE products that are yet to be released!

“This is not just a compact, stylish 8-bit console with an extra-large screen and onboard memory. It’s a product that brings the past and present together in one portable but powerful package. The 8BitCADE celebrates hundreds of games created by the community all over the world, while saving enough memory space for you to create your own special memories. Whether it’s moving a dot around a screen or making your first adventure game, the 8BitCADE will be something you can feel proud of Making, Learning & Gaming,” said Steve Daly, Professor at Doha College.

The 8BitCADE Level Up is the best gift for techies this holiday season!

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