Lamina1 Accepts First Partners Into Early Access Program to Accelerate the Development of An Open Metaverse Ecosystem

HTC, Dubit,, and Neon Media are among the partners who will receive early access to features and support in onboarding to Lamina1, while providing valuable feedback and test cases to improve the blockchain’s design and functionality.

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lamina1, the Layer 1 blockchain optimized for the Open Metaverse, today announced the launch of its Early Access Program to begin onboarding diverse and vibrant content and infrastructure builders from across gaming, fashion, music, and film. Selected projects include HTC, Dubit,, and Neon Media — all of which will play a critical role in testing tools and resources on Lamina1, while providing feedback that will shape its development into performant and thoughtfully-designed infrastructure that activates the Open Metaverse’s trillion-dollar economy.

Following a strong launch of the Lamina1 Testnet in January 2023, the Lamina1 Early Access Program seeks to offer a limited number of partners and developers support, documentation, and a tight feedback loop as they leverage blockchain and tooling. Its initial members are a small group of developers that will receive personalized support in testing, integrating, and onboarding their tech and experiences onto Lamina1, with the opportunity to feature on the emerging Open Metaverse platform at launch.

“We aim to enable the ambitious builders and storytellers that will conceive and construct the Open Metaverse – a thriving, immersive internet rich with connected experiences, and owned by its makers,” said Rebecca Barkin, CEO of Lamina1. “There is utility in blockchain; strong use cases, experience design and tooling is the catalyst we need to offer content creators new inspiration and economic opportunity. At this early stage of development, we intend to listen, learn, and deliver something of vision and value.”

The initial cohort of partners for the Lamina1 Early Access Program – which includes HTC, the VR headset maker that announced earlier this year they would be partnering with Lamina1 on its VIVERSE platform – were selected for their impressive work in the immersive, gaming, and XR spaces, each with a proven track record of building engaging, high-fidelity experiences.

Throughout the program, partners will be invited to bring a fresh perspective to improve design, features, and operations on Lamina1, with specialties ranging from content creation, to infrastructure development, hardware, and tool building. These initial partners include:

  • Dubit, an award-winning gaming studio building Metaverse brand experiences for global businesses and innovators, including The Grammys, H&M and Samsung
  •, an award-winning AR studio behind the hit mobile app Immuse, a Web3 platform and Augmented Reality app for audio-visual NFTs in the Metaverse
  • Mystic Moose, a proven game developer launching a magical and imaginative Web3 gaming metaverse platform Planet Mojo, featuring collectible champions that compete in their first game Mojo Melee, an auto chess battler
  • NEON Media, a BAFTA and Emmy-award winning team using Unreal Engine 5 and blockchain to develop Shrapnel, the first moddable extraction shooter
  • Patch XR, a company bringing music creators into the Metaverse with the hit VR Quest experience PatchWorld, the platform for visual music magic
  • Rensa Games, a unified video game development, distribution, and crowdfunding platform for independent developers and content creators
  • Sons of a Bit, a tech startup specializing in video game development and multimedia interactive applications making use of AR, VR, XR and other cutting edge technologies
  • Walker Labs, an Unreal Engine experts and Web3 game studio developing an open world adventure and multiplayer game, Walker World, focused on propelling the future of interoperable gameplay and digital identity
  • Wevr, an award-winning immersive and interactive software studio collaborating with creators to develop and ship virtual worlds and applications on real-time game engines
  •, an IP innovation lab and studio co-founded by renowned Metaverse/NFT artist Krista Kim, and Web3 investor/innovator Christy MacLear developing tools and IP content for the Open Metaverse

“The team at Dubit is looking forward to building and collaborating with other members of the initial EAP cohort,” said Andrew Douthwaite, Chief Commercial Officer at Dubit. “Our mission is to work together with Lamina1 and its partners to develop groundbreaking, reliable possibilities for immersive games and experiences –– leveraging its blockchain to ensure our entire ecosystem of builders will be able to monetize their creations.”

Mike Levine, CEO of Mystic Moose also commented: “We’re excited to explore Lamina1 and its powerful Open Metaverse. Testing out their blockchain and providing feedback will be an empowering opportunity to not only improve Planet Mojo, but benefit the future Lamina1 ecosystem at large.”

The Early Access Program, led by Lamina1 Chief Business Officer Geraldine Pamphile and VP of Game Partnerships and Media, Jamil Moledina, will provide Lamina1 builders the access and support they need to jumpstart the development of an ecosystem populated with experiences that will draw the masses, and tools that can truly level the playing field of the Metaverse for all creators.

“As pioneers in the immersive and real-time 3D space, we love working with developers and creators,” said Neville Spiteri, CEO at Wevr. “Lamina1 is a chain built by creators, for creators dedicated to providing the infrastructure needed to bring the next generation of online experiences to life. We’re thrilled to partner with Lamina1 and to work together to build tools and provide services to support and enhance the Lamina1 blockchain developer community.”

Mark Long, CEO of NEON Media, former head of Xcloud at Microsoft and publishing at HBO also commented: “The future of blockchain gaming and the Metaverse is multi-chain and interoperable – two requirements Lamina1 is focused on solving for. We’re excited to have early access and to begin experimenting with Neal Stephenson’s team.”

Those interested in finding out more about the Lamina1 Early Access Program or getting involved in the Lamina1 Testnet can visit or join the community at

About Lamina1

Lamina1 is a Layer 1 blockchain optimized for the Open Metaverse – providing builders and creators a flexible framework for a better online future. The organization was founded in June 2022 by renowned author and futurist Neal Stephenson, who originated the term “Metaverse” in his 1992 novel Snow Crash, and crypto pioneer Peter Vessenes, digital currency expert and founder of the first venture-backed Bitcoin company.

Its mission is to deliver the infrastructure, API, and tooling needed to empower a vibrant, global community of Open Metaverse creators – championing the development of a robust, performant and interoperable ecosystem that gives builders and consumers more agency and ownership in the next online era.


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