Korn Ferry Vice Chairman RJ Heckman Authors “The Talent Manifesto”

-Book Combines Big-Picture, Proven Talent Strategies with
Step-by-Step Instruction to Fuel Long-Term Business Success-

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Written for CEOs, CHROs and leaders across global organizations, the
newly released Talent
Manifesto: How Disrupting People Strategies Maximizes Business Results

(McGraw Hill) provides a comprehensive guide to redesigning talent
strategies that will transform into organizational success.

In Talent Manifesto, Korn Ferry Vice Chairman RJ Heckman
incorporates best practices, research and lessons-learned from thousands
of global companies to illustrate how to achieve optimum organizational
performance through talent.

In Talent Manifesto, Heckman shows how the highest-performing
companies are able to dance “The Talent Waltz”:

  1. Defining with laser-like precision what type of talent is required to
    create and then execute a winning business strategy
  2. Managing talent with data analytics that predict and explain a wide
    range of business outcomes, including financial performance relative
    to competitors.
  3. Creating talent processes that are simple, fast and maybe even fun for

Using the principles in The Talent Waltz, Heckman further shows in
detail how to maximize business performance through the disruption of
talent practices, including:

  • Changing hiring methods, including using artificial intelligence, to
    help source candidates and offering data-driven assessment methods
    that are proven to identify candidates who will perform well and who
    will fit into a company culture
  • Identifying engagement drivers at the individual level, specifically
    for those in the most pivotal roles
  • Changing reward practices so that they go from spreading tiny
    increases equally among all to bringing a much sharper focus on
    incenting people who make the biggest difference in corporate victories

The book shows how the pathways between these (and other) interconnected
talent practices must be paved by an unwavering focus on strategy, data,
speed and simplicity.

About the author

RJ Heckman, PhD, Vice Chairman at Korn Ferry, has worked in talent
management consulting and leadership development fields for 25 years. He
consults with many of Korn Ferry’s 7,000 clients, representing a large
percentage of the world’s top organizations. He has worked as an
internal HR leader for two Fortune 50 companies, a CEO of a global
leadership advisory firm, and serves as a consultant to boards, CEOs and
CHROs of more than 100 Global Fortune 1000 companies.

About Korn Ferry

Korn Ferry is a global organizational consulting firm. We help clients
synchronize strategy and talent to drive superior performance. We work
with organizations to design their structures, roles, and
responsibilities. We help them hire the right people to bring their
strategy to life. And we advise them on how to reward, develop, and
motivate their people.


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