***MEDIA ALERT***: QuickBooks Backs Independent Workers of the Film Industry with New Award Season Campaign


  • The movie and television industry is one of the largest private sector
    employers, supporting 2.1 million jobs and $139 billion in total wages
    in 2016 alone
  • 85 percent of movie industry workers work for themselves
  • In its second phase, Intuit’s Backing You campaign spotlights the
    unsung heroes in today’s largest industries such as movies in addition
    to the global independent workforce


With the film industry’s biggest night just over a week
away, Intuit QuickBooks today announced, “Giving Credit Where Credit
is Due
,” an extension of its ongoing “Backing You” campaign.
QuickBooks is always looking for ways to spotlight those who power the
economy and are the lifeblood of any business – often they are not the
people on the front lines getting all the credit. This award season,
QuickBooks turned the cameras on the people behind the scenes who make
the movie magic possible and are celebrating their enormous

That’s why for this year’s big night, QuickBooks decided to turn the
camera on the people that made the film “A Star is Born” possible with a
mini-film called “Giving Credit Where Credit is Due.”

The new mini-film and multi-channel campaign spotlights those off the
red carpet who create the magic that drives a film forward. These
workers are self-employed professionals that move from project to
project and often don’t get the recognition they deserve in the creation
of some of our favorite films and entertainment.

With this film, Intuit QuickBooks will give the small
businesses and self-employed a voice outside of the film studio. The
film not only celebrates select workers and drivers from “A Star is
Born” but also the millions of other independent workers and small
business owners that dare to dream and follow their passions. Intuit
QuickBooks works for them and backs all of those who entertain us –
whether in front of the camera or behind.

Intuit QuickBooks launched Backing You last year, a
campaign created to celebrate and honor those who work for themselves.
Since launching QuickBooks more than 20 years ago, Intuit has made its
mission to power prosperity for small businesses and self-employed by
delivering smart money, connections and decisions to millions of
businesses and entrepreneurs around the world. The new short film is
just another example of QuickBooks’ continued efforts to spotlight and
champion independent workers around the world.


  • Intuit
    , a company and product dedicated to backing small
    businesses and powering prosperity around the world
  • Select independent workers featured in the “Giving Credit Where Credit
    is Due” mini-film

The short film is available now on YouTube.
Images from the film will also be displayed throughout Hollywood and
available on social media for download. The Backing You campaign was
created in partnership with Intuit QuickBooks’ creative agency of
record, TBWAChiatDay LA.


Bradford Walton
Intuit Inc.

Jen Garcia
Access Communications

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