Joyful Math: Prisms VR’s Spatial Learning Platform Will Change The Way Your Child Feels About Math – Now Available on Meta Quest Store

Previously only available in schools, the world’s first immersive learning tool designed to revolutionize the way students learn now available at home

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Prisms VR, a learning platform pioneering a new paradigm for math education, today announced the consumer launch of its virtual reality (VR) math learning solution on the Meta Quest store. Built for Grade 8 to 11 math students, tutors and teachers, Prisms VR content and multiplayer practice modules are now available here via the Meta Quest store for $24 USD as an annual subscription model.

Through Prisms’ VR content modules, students build lasting proficiencies across core middle school math, geometry and algebra I/II concepts while solving important and relevant problems in the world today.

“The math gap in America has become a serious problem that if left unchecked will continue to widen the relentless economic divides that preclude large swathes of people from contributing to STEM fields,” said Anurupa Ganguly, founder and chief executive officer at Prisms. “That’s why I launched Prisms. I’m committed to changing how our students grasp, retain and successfully apply mathematical concepts to important problems across industries — never again having to ask ‘When am I going to use this?’”

“As US school districts rapidly begin to adopt Prisms’ learning methodology, equipping parents and tutors to help their kids with math at home enables us to redefine what it means to learn both informal and formal learning settings.”

In Prisms VR, users connect 3D experiences of real-world situations before building up to more abstract representations like graphs, tables (2D) and equations or vocabulary (1D), thereby deriving mathematical models from physical and visual experiences.

“Students learn best when they’re able to embody real-life problems versus reading about them divorced from personal experience,” continued Ganguly. “VR is the first scalable technology that enables students to learn through experiential and spatial learning, the way math deserves to be taught. It allows students to create mental models of math and science concepts using movement and tactile visualizations and interactives.”

In 2021, Prisms launched in schools around the US to bring experiential learning to the math classroom. Teachers and students were the first to learn math in a whole new way, and now it is available to anyone in the world.

Teachers, parents, tutors and students can develop math skills at home in an immersive learning environment in three unique ways:

  • Single-player VR content modules that deepen understanding of core concepts
  • Multiplayer sandbox that allows for collaboration on additional practice problems to gain fluency
  • Web-based dashboard that parents, educators and tutors can use to monitor and provide immediate feedback while students are working on VR content modules

The first set of Prisms libraries include:

  • Middle School – Division of Fractions; Ratios; Rate of Change; Probability; Surface Area
  • Algebra I – Linear Functions; System of Equations; Quadratics; Linear Regression; Exponential Functions
  • Geometry – Transformations; Distance Formula; Trig Ratios; Equations of Circles; Solids of Rotation
  • Advanced Algebra – Periodic Functions; Complex Numbers; Polar Coordinates; Vector Addition; Ellipses; Matrices

The platform is also designed to empower teachers, parents and tutors with real-time student learning insights and comprehensive post-session reports that can be used to track progress over time and inform strategic planning.

This announcement marks the first of the Prisms VR content module series with new subject solutions to be added to the platform throughout 2023.

For more information on the Prisms VR content module, click here.

To better understand the technology problem at the heart of America’s math gap, check out this report from Prisms.

About Prisms Prisms, founded in 2020, is pioneering efficacious learning experiences in virtual reality. Backed by the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health, Prisms is the first spatial learning platform for K-12 STEM education, scaling a new way of learning core math and science that actualizes pedagogies that we know work best. In 2023, Prisms launched its VR math modules for consumers via the Meta Quest Store bringing joyful and spatial math learning to anyone: Students, teachers, tutors, and parents. To learn more about Prisms, visit


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