IRIS Secures Augmented Reality Patent that Allows Users to Share Experiences Across Multiple Devices

IRIS created the only bridging software available to date that enables all XR devices to work in unison, regardless of space.

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–IRIS, a technology company bringing humanity into the augmented reality space, announced today that it has been issued a system patent to provide the world’s first synchronized sharing of augmented reality (XR) content in real-time across multiple devices by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

IRIS has received the patent for a bridging technology that connects all devices (phones, tablets, and eyewear) in the XR space, no matter the manufacturer, to synchronize and experience three-dimensional content in real-time, adapting to all users’ points of view. With the flexibility of devices, IRIS’s software chooses the best attributes from each device’s platform and shares that data across all devices. The patented technology can be used across various industries; however, the company is currently focused on music and entertainment.

Below are other sectors the company aims to target:

  • Auto: Shared experiences for car manufacturing plants to co-experience 3D overlays on machinery and custom building with friends and family as a consumer, enabling efficiency and reducing delays considerably.
  • Entertainment: Enables multiple users at a venue or at home to experience life-like immersive 3D content with others in real-time and at scale.
  • Fitness: virtual group fitness classes with augmented reality (AR) and instructors in real-time.
  • Government: With the enormous multi-cloud deals that have taken place, IRIS can efficiently handle the best attributes from each cloud provider and supercharge all devices in any space for the end users on the device level to be collaborative and efficient.

The XR industry is a collection of competing and complementary efforts from several companies, each trying to carve their way into space. By nature of this competition, their resources are siloed and scattered. Companies come and go, and technology gets bought out and then pulled into a single ecosystem,” said Nick Rafkind, CEO and co-founder of IRIS.

IRIS’s software is the aggregate of the available solutions currently on the market, unified by its unique platform that provides synchronized sharing of AR content across multiple devices. As a result, IRIS can centralize the best of all technologies (such as Google cloud anchors & Azure spatial anchors) and choose which anchoring system is best in that space and then have all devices in that location use the most powerful one eliminating a single dependency.

Founded in 2019, IRIS was created to offer an alternative to the XR industry’s single-person-centric mentality. The true adoption of IRIS’s technology is built from positive human and communal experiences. Users of IRIS can access the software free of charge and only pay for the events they choose to experience.

This patent presents the opportunity for our technology to enable companies to have a major competitive advantage that is not reliant on any single platform, making it unique, sustainable, and adaptive to all new technology and hardware in the future. I’m thrilled that we have been able to master our software and can share it with the world,” concluded Rafkind.

About IRIS

At IRIS, we are bringing humanity into the augmented reality space by ending its single-person-centric mentality. We do this by enabling multiple people using any device they choose to co-experience lifelike 3d content together in real-time. Our patented technology creates an ecosystem where large groups of users can experience content together in the real world by bridging all AR-enabled devices in a space to work together in unison adapting to everyone’s POV for a true collective immersive experience.

IRIS is charting the future of augmented reality because we know that, ultimately, true adoption of this technology can only come from positive experiences, centered around creating shared memories. We achieve this by enabling everyone on this planet to access the world with AR in mind from the ground up.



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