Introducing Verticle: Your AI Sidekick for 3D Design

A Debut of a Personalized AI Companion for 3D Object Generation

CHICAGO, Sept. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Temporal Games Inc. (Temporal), announces Free Preview release of Verticle, a pioneering development in the field of 3D AI generation tools. More than just an assistant, Verticle serves as your creative AI partner. Designed to democratize 3D content creation, it offers an intuitive, personalized tool that empowers users to bring their imaginative ideas to life in 3D.

Going beyond the traditional AI prompt model, Verticle presents an interactive platform where users can brainstorm, discuss, and refine their ideas in a conversational environment. By fostering a synergy with AI, Verticle enables users to preview 3D assets through simple verbal descriptions, making iterative 3D modeling accessible to everyone.

This paradigm shift in co-creating 3D assets with AI is the result of extensive research and custom solution development undertaken by the dedicated Generative 3D and Conversational AI teams at Temporal. Powered by a unique proprietary pipeline, Verticle demonstrates state-of-the-art capabilities in texturing and rapid 3D polygonal mesh creation, while also allowing for contextual iterations during creative discussions with AI. Each iterative cycle provides four distinct, original 3D models, generated in an average time of just two minutes. This enables a highly interactive and agile creative process.

Verticle is a catalyst for creativity designed to cater to artists of all kinds – from professional developers and hobbyists to casual 3D art enthusiasts. It aims to elevate creativity and productivity, setting itself apart from conventional AI tools that simply execute prompt-based asset generation. With intelligent feedback, Verticle aids in ideation and offers capabilities that excel in visualizing concepts, sculpting environments, and providing insightful references. Verticle extends its utility beyond boundaries, serving varied creative fields such as game development, XR/MR applications, animation, interior design, and 3D printing. In Verticle, artists will find not just a tool, but a versatile co-creator.

“Verticle represents a significant advancement in Generative Art, empowering creators with personalized assistance in 3D conception and dramatically reducing concept iteration cycles,” said Ivan Nikitin, CEO and co-founder of Temporal. “We envision Verticle as a digital collaborator, able to bring your ideas to life by transforming abstract ideas into tangible 3D assets or offering a playground to explore endless design possibilities. We’re excited to share the Free Preview version of Verticle with creators worldwide.”

Unleashing Your Creativity in 3D: The Verticle Vision

Verticle is designed to translate your imagination into 3D reality. As a forerunner in conversational creativity workflows, Verticle features a suite of distinctive capabilities:

  • Conceptual Comprehension: Verticle intuitively understands and materializes your ideas, transforming both abstract thoughts and specific requests into tangible 3D assets.
  • Iterative Advancement: Verticle is continually improving and delivering progressively refined outcomes and feedback over time.
  • User-centric Approach: Verticle’s intuitive conversational interface breaks down the barriers in 3D object creation. By understanding your commands, responding to your feedback, and offering insightful suggestions, Verticle makes 3D design accessible to everyone.
  • Artistic Apprentice: Functioning as a creative aid, Verticle helps articulate and visualize your 3D concepts, streamlining the creative workflow and conserving time.

Vlad Larin, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Temporal, underscored Verticle’s commitment to user experience. “We are devoted to ensuring that Verticle delivers an intuitive, naturally engaging interaction experience,” he stated. “With the collective knowledge of our world-class team of scientists, developers, and industry veterans, we will continue to refine and enhance Verticle’s capabilities to bring about a transformative impact on the creative process.”

Explore Verticle

Currently in its early Preview stage, Verticle specializes in the generation of smaller, individual 3D objects, covering a diverse range from props and furniture to clothing, devices, and food items. This focus offers an enticing glimpse into Verticle’s roadmap for future enhancements and scalability, crafting a thrilling blueprint for its evolution.

Assets generated by Verticle are already suitable for professional production. Whether your project entails prototyping a video game environment, blocking a CG movie scene, or creating User-Generated Content, Verticle has been engineered to seamlessly generate assets compatible with all leading game engines, animation software suites, and 3D graphics packages.

To mark its Preview release, Verticle is being offered at no cost, inviting creators everywhere to experience its potential.

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About Temporal Games

Temporal Games, a Generative AI company, is pioneering Conversational AI, Virtual Beings and Generative 3D solutions for gaming, metaverse, and entertainment sectors.

In 2021, the company launched one of the first-ever Virtual Beings-as-a-Service platforms. Powered by proprietary, context-aware Conversational AI, the platform has garnered acclaim and recognition from prestigious media outlets such as VentureBeat, PC Gamer, and Forbes.

Today, Temporal Games is taking Generative AI to new heights with the development of the Generative 3D platform, Verticle.

The company is committed to empowering a wider audience of gamers, creators, and designers to partake in the creation of virtual worlds. From enlivening games and metaverses with Virtual Beings to democratizing 3D content production, Temporal Games is turning imagination into reality, one digital creation at a time.

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