Industry Veteran Mike Browne to Lead Vision Products LLC Spinoff From SA Photonics

LOS GATOS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Vision Products, LLC is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Michael Browne as its President. Dr. Browne has spent over 30 years developing advanced Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality systems for military and commercial customers and teaches classes around the globe on augmented reality and night vision.

Vision Products LLC, formerly a division of SA Photonics, will continue to provide next generation visualization systems to customers in the military, commercial and medical spaces. Included in Vision Products’ portfolio is the SA-147/S, the world’s highest resolution augmented reality display with an extremely wide 147° diagonal field of view, and PilotVision™, the commercially-available head-worn display for commercial and general aviation pilots.

“I am excited to lead the same fantastic team that worked for me at SA Photonics,” said Browne. “We continue to focus on the need for cutting-edge augmented, virtual and mixed reality devices, and we will provide the same level of excellent service to our customers. Vision Products is embarking on a program to expand our offerings in the medical visualization space, and in vision systems for helicopter pilotage in degraded visual environments, both during the day and at night.”

Dr. Browne received his doctorate in Optical Engineering from the University of Arizona. He led the development of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter head mounted and cockpit displays. He was an executive at SA Photonics for 17 years and founded the Vision Products division in 2009. He has been on the board of both SA Photonics and the Small Business Technology Council, and has over 30 relevant patents and publications, including those on head mounted displays, digital night vision systems and light security in augmented reality.

About Vision Products, LLC

Vision Products was founded in 2009 as a division within SA Photonics, and was spun off in December 2021 as an independent company. Vision Products specializes in high end visualization systems for the defense, commercial and medical markets. Vision Products’ systems include wide field of view digital night vision displays for helicopter pilotage, light/imagery secure displays, medical visualization displays, eye trauma visualization systems, and next generation, high resolution, wide field of view augmented, virtual and mixed reality systems. To learn more please visit


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