Incari Brings Innovative Interfaces to Next Mobility Proofs of Concept

New partnership with L2concept Next Mobility Lab

  • Incari partners with renowned prototype designer L2concept
  • With Incari Studio, the French Riviera company will develop avant garde interfaces for next gen AI driven show cars and concept cars
  • The software solution significantly reduces costs and time in HMI development

Berlin (3.6.2022). The Berlin-based software company Incari has formed a partnership with the renowned prototype development company L2concept. In the future, Incari technology will be used to develop trailblazing Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) for the French company’s visionary show cars.

“Digital technologies have changed the automotive industry. Today’s visionary show cars also need innovative interior interfaces to make the future tangible,” says Osman Dumbuya, founder and CEO of Incari. “With our technology, new ideas can be implemented in record time, enabling our partner L2concept to set new standards in the industry as early as the prototype stage.”

Fewer personnel, faster and more flexible HMI development process

The development process breaks with the established methods of traditional manufacturers, with designers and software developers no longer working sequentially on a new vehicle. Instead, they collaborate from the very beginning in a shared software environment. This approach helps them to subsequently avoid time-consuming and cost-intensive modifications that may result during the process. Using conventional development methods, changing the design of just one element often takes up to 14 days and generates costs in the five-figures. With Incari Studio, changes can be made in a matter of minutes.

Incari’s software also takes a 3D-first approach, offering entirely new possibilities in usability – especially in combination with augmented reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR). The Incari method promises a reduction in HMI development times of up to 50 percent, with lower personnel requirements and higher quality. The Berlin-based company was already involved in the UX development of the Piëch GT.

L2concept designs the in-car experience of the future with Incari

The L2concept team now trusts Incari Studio. The company, based in Antibes, France, as well as in California (USA), has already worked in the automotive sector with brands such as Lexus, Mercedes, Renault, Venturi and Toyota. However, L2concept also develops submarine and boat prototypes and designs medical devices, electrical appliances, furniture and new forms of mobility – for example eVTOLs (electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing aircraft). The prototypes are manufactured by Factory Unit, part of the group and within the same space.

“The partnership with Incari enables us to visualize the future in a new way. With the know-how in AI and machine learning technologies coming from the local ecosystem in Sophia Antipolis, we have the ambition to transform the visionary ideas of our customers into a working proof of concept that is ready to learn and operate services.

With Incari’s technology, we become pioneers of the next mobility experience that is enabled by data and connectivity from the prototype stage. This enables us to holistically redesign the interaction between human and machine in the exterior as well as in the interior,” says David Carvalho, Managing Director at L2concept.

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Source: RealWire

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