Imerge Pro adds HDR merging, focus-stacking, and custom layer presets to its flexible photography workflow

In just two years, Imerge Pro has become an essential tool in any photographer’s toolkit. The latest release – Imerge Pro 7 – brings even more functionality to the world of still-image post-production.

London, UK (August 7, 2020) – Since its initial release in 2018, Imerge Pro has become an essential tool for photographers that want more control over their post-production workflow. With the flexibility to edit (and composite) all of your layers in RAW format, apply non-destructive adjustments, and gain access to the industry-leading Chroma Key technology made famous in PhotoKey Pro – it’s easy to see how Imerge has quickly gained a loyal following.

In the latest release, FXhome has introduced powerful new functionality like HDR merging, focus-stacking, and the ability to create and import custom layer-presets that utilize the endless possibilities made possible in Imerge Pro.

Imerge Pro’s new HDR merging feature allows you to create stunning HDR images at the click of a button by combining multiple exposures. As with everything in Imerge Pro, the result is non-destructive, so you have full control over the final output if you want to make any changes.

The new focus-stacking tool makes it possible to combine images at multiple focusing-distances for end-to-end sharpness. This feature will be hugely beneficial for landscape and property photographers who need to work in low-light without compromising image detail, but the applications definitely don’t stop there.

The new update is available from August 6, free for all existing Imerge Pro users who are still within their first 12 months from purchase (as per FXhome’s update policy), or $199 for new users hoping to add the software to their workflow. Find out more at

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