HitFilm gets video stabilization, color adjustments, and timeline-based motion tracking in the latest release

HitFilm 15 – the latest release of FXhome’s dual video editing and VFX software – is now available. Users can now benefit from auto-stabilization, selective color adjustments, motion tracking directly from the editor timeline, and more in version 15.

London, UK (August 6, 2020) – The latest in a series of releases that have positioned HitFilm as an increasingly attractive option in the post-production software space – HitFilm 15 packs in new functionality that caters well to the needs of independent filmmakers and visual storytellers.

The new release introduces major updates to both the fully-featured software HitFilm Pro and the free version HitFilm Express, including must-have features like video stabilization and color adjustments, and the ability to motion-track elements directly from HitFilm’s built-in editor timeline. This feature was previously only possible from a ‘composite shot’ (nested timelines used for visual effects work in HitFilm).

The new Auto Stabilization effect will allow HitFilm Pro users to smooth out shaky footage at the click of a button using HitFilm’s intelligent tracking and stabilization algorithms. Indie filmmakers and content creators will benefit from the ability to create smooth, professional-looking footage without the need for expensive gimbals or heavy stabilization tools.

HitFilm Pro’s colorist tools have also made a significant step up with the introduction of the Color Adjustment effect – which allows you to select a range of color values and adjust them by hue, lightness, and saturation. You can tailor the ‘strength’ and ‘softness’ of the effect and even choose to preserve skin tones or black-and-white in the output. This tool also offers a ‘hue replacement’ option for direct color replacement, removing the need for tedious rotoscoping.

Other new features – which are also available in the free video editing and VFX software HitFilm Express – include a Crop, Pan & Zoom effect (useful for creators looking to pan and zoom 4K or 8K footage in post), a GoPro FX Reframe effect (for adjusting the framing of 360° footage), and a collection of new shapes for the shape mask tools. They’ve also worked in a whole stream of workflow, interface, and performance enhancements to make working in HitFilm a breeze (though ease-of-use has always been a strong suit of the software).

The new update is available from August 6, with upgrades free for all existing HitFilm Pro users who are still within their first 12 months from purchase (as per FXhome’s update policy), or $349 for new users. As always, users will be able to download and update HitFilm Express absolutely free or support future development with FXhome’s ‘Pay-What-You-Want’ initiative. Find out more at fxhome.com/hitfilm-pro.

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