iGA Istanbul Airport’s revenue increases after adopting SAS Customer Intelligence 360

Condé Nast Traveler’s 2022 Best Airport in the World deploys new digital experience, fueled by analytics, to create an engaging, efficient and enjoyable environment for its passengers

CARY, N.C., June 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Airports are busier than ever, and travelers report that flying is more stressful than going to the dentist. iGA Istanbul Airport, one of the largest airports in the world, constantly seeks innovative ways to improve the airport experience. Using SAS® Customer Intelligence 360, the airport has transformed its mobile app to provide timely, highly personalized communication and offers that optimize travelers’ visits.

As a result, customer satisfaction has improved, revenue has seen a significant increase and participation in iGA Pass services has risen by double digits.

Before teaming with SAS, iGA Istanbul Airport’s mobile app primarily functioned as an information hub that allowed transactional operations triggered by the passenger. iGA’s vision was to transform the app to deliver highly- personalized communications addressing each customer’s unique needs at a microlevel. Through the analysis of vast amounts of behavioral, transactional and declarative data, with SAS and Partner Republic, SAS’ partner in customer experience design, iGA Istanbul Airport is now able to deliver personalized offers and information to travelers on an individual basis, turning the app from a reactive to a proactive customer experience tool and a potent revenue stream.

Through a collaborative effort with SAS and Partner Republic, iGA Istanbul Airport has modernized both its customer communication methods and the overall customer interaction experience. Leveraging the analytical and automation capabilities provided by SAS, iGA Istanbul Airport has achieved significant efficiency improvements, gaining a deeper understanding of its customers through streamlined reporting mechanisms.

Analytics reimagines the customer experience
Ways in which iGA has used analytics to enhance CX include:

  • Augmented reality (AR) – Visitors exploring retail and dining areas at the airport now enjoy in-app guidance via AR shopping technology that steers them to points of interest across the airport. During their shopping, customers can get support through WhatsApp or virtual assistance services, made possible by SAS Customer Intelligence 360.
  • Customer Journey Optimization – Each passenger’s journey is now personalized according to stress level throughout the airport experience. Passengers are provided with guidance communications at airport points where they can benefit from iGA Pass services to save time on their journeys. At points with high-stress levels, passengers are directed to airport points where they can use iGA Pass services to save time.
  • Mobile Payments – Mobile payment options are now available to passengers at parking payment points.
  • Beacon Technology – At key locations, particularly at terminal gates offering iGA Fast Track services, beacon technology provides real-time notifications to passengers’ mobile devices, optimizing the entry process and saving valuable time for travelers navigating the airport.
  • iGA Pass – This is a membership model offering comfort-focused services such as airport lounge, fast track, buggy etc. Through SAS solutions and in partnership with Partner Republic, iGA Pass now presents relevant offers and personalized communication to iGA Pass members at just the right time in their journey.

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