How To Start A Digital Non-Profit

Starting a non-profit organization to raise money for charitable causes is one of the noblest things you can do. With that said, getting one off the ground can be tricky. Gathering the resources, workspace, and volunteers can be tough and expensive, and having to pay for these running costs takes away the total amount you can give away.

Thankfully, there is now a more viable way to make money for charitable causes: by starting a digital-based non-profit. Starting a charity like this has many benefits, such as the potential to reach a wider audience as well as cheaper running costs. Here are a few tips on how to get started.

Market yourself

Like any other type of organization, you will have to market your charity correctly to attract more donors, even if it’s for profit or not.

The first port of call is to create a good website that has been optimized with the best SEO techniques. Doing this will help ensure that when people search for non-profits like yours, you’ll start to appear in their search results.

In addition to having a good website, you’ll also need a consistent and active presence on social media, posting content related to your charity, any events you’re running, and more.

Allow multiple donation options 

What harms the success of many traditional non-profit organizations is that they have limited donation options. Many charities only accept cash or card payments, neglecting other viable methods of payment, which could be putting donors off.

When running a digital-focused non-profit, you can improve your chances of getting support by allowing multiple payment options. When online, you can have people pay you via traditional card payment, but also Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, and even Bitcoin. Not to mention that you can have people donate on multiple platforms, such as directly on your website, on websites like Just Giving, and more. To give your non-profit the best functionality, you can get non-profit fundraising software to help manage donations easier.

Focus on your target donors

Although you’d like to think that everyone is as passionate as you are about your causes, the truth is that each person will have their own unique charities and causes they care about the most.

When trying to reach people that share interests related to your non-profit, try targeted advertising on social so that there’s a higher chance of reaching people that care about what you’re trying to help with.

You should also target by geographic location if suitable. For example, if you’re trying to raise funds to repair a school or another local project, you’ll find more enthusiastic donors who live in that area. By focusing on people who are most affected by your cause, you may find greater success.


Starting a non-profit online is a great way to get it off the ground and build funds quickly. It can be cheaper and gives you access to a massive potential audience, helping you raise more. Use these tips and advice to help create a useful and impactful non-profit.

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