How To Increase Average Order Value with 3D

Dopple discusses how brands can elevate AOV in 2024 through 3D visualization and configuration.

CHARLESTON, S.C., Dec. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Consumers are increasingly shopping online, with 79% doing so at least once per month. Irrespective of this website traffic, a consumer’s time is highly a valuable asset, and brands need to capitalize on this. Quality experiences and well-designed touchpoints will convert into increased sales with a boosted average order value (AOV).

Increasing e-commerce AOV with 3D

How To Increase Average Order Value
AOV refers to the dollar amount spent by customers on average in a single transaction. Considered as one of the big three metrics for e-commerce optimization, AOV, along with average lifetime value and conversion rate, are used to monitor and evaluate brand performance. While AOV can vary greatly across product verticals, strategies to enhance it apply universally.

A common method to increase AOV involves cross-selling complementary products, suggesting items that enhance the original purchase. For example, if a buyer is configuring a motorcycle online, the brand may show them accessories that can be added. These aren’t necessary for the enjoyment of the bike but contribute to the buyer’s satisfaction. 

Similarly, brands can strategically upsell by presenting buyers with comparable options featuring more or unique features. In the motorcycle example, a buyer initially considering a base model might shift their decision toward a sport option upon discovering its additional capabilities.

How Can 3D Help?
The key to both cross-selling and upselling is demonstrating the benefits of these additional or alternative options. 3D visualization (already preferred by 77% of shoppers) is the best way to showcase this added value, creating an immersive experience that gives the buyer the power and delivers a more personalized journey.

Humans process visual information incredibly fast so an interactive visual will drive a more impactful impression than text or static products.

By enabling this motorcycle buyer to visually compare the standard and performance exhausts, switching between colors, materials, or more functional options such as engine upgrades, you’re helping the buyer make a more informed purchase decision. It might be the push they need to upgrade, too.

When it comes to increasing AOV, there are few tools as compelling as placing a high-quality visual incarnation in front of them. By bringing the buyer into the design process, and allowing them to evaluate and discover more about the products, brands are increasing the likelihood of purchase and the satisfaction with both the experience and product.

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Dopple provides brands with an intuitive, low code platform to seamlessly integrate 3D and augmented reality into any marketing stack. Products come to life with digital twins that capture the attention and confidence of buyers by allowing them to shop in an immersive setting. Find out more about how 3D can elevate your brand experience by connecting with our visual experts.

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