Holaplex Announces $6 Million Seed Round to Empower Independent Creators of NFTs

Holaplex’s funding is led by blockchain-focused investment firm CoinFund

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Holaplex, an all-in-one NFT platform that leverages Solana in addition to Solana-powered on-chain protocol, Metaplex, announces a $6 million seed round led by blockchain-focused investment firm CoinFund. Other major ecosystem players who participated in the round include: Social Capital, Valor, Collab+Currency, Blockchain Coinvestors and Solana Capital.

Founded in 2021, Holaplex provides independent artists, musicians and creators with simple, free tools to make and sell NFTs while providing NFT buyers and collectors with over 2,000 stores to discover up-and-coming projects and fast-rising artists. In addition to enabling creators to build their own NFT stores and marketplaces quickly, with no-code, Holaplex leverages and contributes to the NFT protocol Metaplex, which delivers fast, low-cost NFT creation on the Solana blockchain.

“We’re building Holaplex to empower creators and support the community of independent artists, musicians and creatives worldwide,” said Alex Kehaya, Founder of Holaplex. “To deliver the no-code, click-and-publish experience expected by today’s tools for artists and creatives, Holaplex works behind-the-scenes with open source Rust developers and Solana supporters.”

To begin using Holaplex, users must populate a wallet that accepts Solana tokens. Afterwards, users can create NFTs of their artwork, list them on their own store, and send or share them globally. A testament to the immense traction taking place on Holaplex can be seen through Somnium Space, a virtual reality world built on the Ethereum blockchain, now building on Holaplex. Ahead of their bridge to Solana they have successfully used Holaplex to generate over $1 million in sales to bootstrap their Solana-based community. Today over 2,000+ stores have been created to sell NFTs on Holaplex.

The funds from the raise will continue to support the growth and development of the Holaplex technology team in addition to open source contributions to Metaplex community initiatives, and customer support services.

It’s clear that the early mainstream adoption we saw kick off in NFTs in February of 2021 is leading to immense interest from creators, brands, and even corporates looking to put their IP on the supply side of the market,” said CoinFund founder and CEO, Jake Brukhman. “But the NFT infrastructure so far is missing a suite of tools for marketing and creating NFTs. Holaplex’s approach will bring these tools to market for mainstream users and enable them with the cutting-edge tools of Web3.”

Digital artist Pink Skull Queen added, “I can’t imagine my success in the NFT space without Holaplex. They’ve provided me with the tools to create a store where I could mint my own NFTs with no prior web development knowledge needed. I just had to bring my art and my passion to the table.”

Following the raise, Holaplex has plans for a variety of upcoming product releases including new templates for storefronts, a no-coding-required tool for completing generative drops, and the release of a decentralized discovery tool for promoting and discovering creators and their auctions on Solana.

To begin building on Holaplex please visit: https://www.holaplex.com/.

About Holaplex

Holaplex empowers creators and collectors through a suite of no-coded tools to mint, discover, and sell NFTs on Solana. Creators worldwide choose Holaplex for its quick, affordable and easy to use platform. Find us on Twitter, Discord and Instagram.

About CoinFund

CoinFund is a blockchain-focused investment firm founded in 2015 with the goal of shaping the global transition to digital assets and decentralized finance. The firm invests in and supports venture and liquid opportunities within the blockchain sector with a focus on digital assets, decentralization technologies and key enabling infrastructure. The CoinFund team has studied and supported the development of the blockchain space from the inception of the first decentralized networks and brings together more than 30 years of experience in investing, engineering, law, decentralized protocols and the operation of blockchain network infrastructure. For more information, please visit www.coinfund.io.


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