HaptX Begins North American Shipments of HaptX Gloves G1™, World’s Most Realistic Touch Feedback System

The only haptic glove with hundreds of air-powered actuators, G1 has generated tens of millions of dollars of pre-orders from customers eager to leverage realistic touch for workforce training

LONG BEACH, Calif., June 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — HaptX Inc., leading provider of advanced haptic technology for organizations using virtual reality and robotics, today will debut the new HaptX Gloves G1 at XR industry conference Augmented World Expo. Deliveries are now underway to North American customers with shipments to Europe and Asia beginning later this year.

HaptX Gloves G1 offers new features and functionality requested by the customers who deployed early HaptX Gloves Development Kits, including dozens of Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Lined with hundreds of air-powered actuators that physically displace your skin, G1 delivers tactile and force feedback with unprecedented realism. The flow of compressed air is generated and precisely controlled by a redesigned console, the Airpack™. The Airpack can be configured for seated and standing applications or for wireless mobile applications, where it is worn as a backpack. Available in multiple glove sizes, with a revolutionary new ergonomic design, HaptX Gloves G1 is the first advanced haptic glove that fits and feels like a glove.

“Touch is vital for learning tasks that require manual dexterity across virtually every industry,” said Jake Rubin, HaptX Founder and CEO. “We’re proud to release HaptX Gloves G1 so we can bring our patented, award-winning touch simulation technology to organizations around the world, whether they’re training humans or humanoid robots.”

HaptX Gloves G1 includes HaptX’s next-generation software development kit, HaptX SDK 3.0, which lets teams rapidly integrate G1 into their virtual reality and robotics programs. With this new SDK, HaptX empowers developers to expand what’s possible with advanced haptic functionality, including multi-user collaboration, in which two or more workers can handle and feel the same objects.  

Teams can get up and running quickly with HaptX SDK 3.0’s library of haptics templates, effects, and starter projects. HaptX SDK 3.0 includes Unreal Engine and Unity plug-ins, a C++ API, a ROS node for natural, accurate control of robotic end-effectors, and advanced vibrotactile effects for simulation of microscale surface textures.

“We are thrilled with the enthusiastic, multi-million-dollar customer response to HaptX Gloves G1 since we announced the product in late 2022,” said Joe Michaels, HaptX Chief Revenue Officer. “Now that we’re shipping the product, we can’t wait to get hands in G1 gloves everywhere and help our VR and robotics customers realize the benefits of more realistic touch simulation.”

To order HaptX Gloves G1, and access HaptX SDK 3.0, visit haptx.com or email the HaptX team.  

About HaptX 
HaptX builds technology that simulates touch with unprecedented realism, enabling precise haptic interaction for more effective workforce training. Enterprise, industrial, healthcare, and government teams around the world have enjoyed successful results using HaptX Gloves in virtual reality and robotics applications. The new HaptX Gloves G1 delivers unmatched, industrial-grade performance, industry-leading haptic feedback, and wireless mobility, designed for large-scale deployment. HaptX is headquartered in Redmond, WA, with offices in San Luis Obispo, CA.  

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