Groupe Beneteau Leverages PTC’s Windchill PLM Platform for Digital Transformation Initiatives

Digital Thread Enables Development of Customized Products and
Significant Progressive Operational Cost Savings; Sets Stage for
Full-scale Smart, Connected Operations

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#DigitalTransformationPTC
(NASDAQ: PTC) today announced that Groupe
is using PTC’s Windchill®
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) platform to create a digital thread
for the development of its customized sailing yachts, powerboats, and
luxury leisure homes. The iconic French boat builder recently rolled out
a digital transformation initiative that covers both its industrial
processes and the management of its commercial business. Developing
synergies between its R&D, design, and manufacturing teams is helping to
drive greater operational excellence and product differentiation.

To implement this transformation strategy across its production sites,
Groupe Beneteau started with PTC’s PLM platform to develop a digital
thread throughout the product’s lifecycle – from design, to product
development, to manufacturing. The digital thread provides an integrated
view of the product and delivers the right product information –
including options and variants – to all stakeholders. This enables
greater productivity, faster time-to-market of customizable boats,
better product quality, and lower costs as scrap and rework requirements
are reduced. With Windchill, Groupe Beneteau can make more informed
decisions throughout the product development process and improve
communication and collaboration. This initiative allows Groupe Beneteau
to deliver a better customer experience with more product and service
features and personalization options, and faster product delivery, all
at lower prices.

“Our digital thread will be managed by PLM, which creates the backbone
necessary to execute an Industrie 4.0 strategy. With a complete digital
process, we will have the speed and flexibility to deliver our products
with more features at a more competitive price,” said Bertrand
Dutilleul, Global CIO, Groupe Beneteau. “Through parallel work streams
and a consistent digital thread of information running through our
product’s lifecycles, we will be able to personalize our products while
reducing production time and errors. In addition, we will be able to
reduce our stock of product components, due to the precision introduced
into the manufacturing process. With these improvements, we expect to
achieve significant and progressive operational cost savings and

Windchill, PTC’s industry-leading PLM platform, makes it easier than
ever to leverage a consolidated, up-to-date digital thread of product
information, including connected data. Windchill’s highly configurable
out-of-the-box applications enable users to work faster and with more
accuracy – reducing time-to-market, cutting costs, and improving
quality. With Windchill, users across the value chain are able to
interact with data dynamically in 3D – both on a screen and through
augmented reality. With deployment options including cloud and
on-premises, Windchill has the flexibility, performance, and scale that
companies require to be industry leaders.

“Using PTC’s Windchill PLM, Groupe Beneteau created a digital core,
enabling them to design and build personalized products,” said Kevin
Wrenn, divisional general manager, PLM, PTC. “Having the digital thread
in place also allows Groupe Beneteau to take it to the next level and
develop a smart, connected factory that will include augmented reality
(AR) for workers on the factory floor. We are excited to see how they
continue to leverage emerging technologies and capitalize on the
opportunity to use smart, connected products and AR for sales and
marketing teams, dealerships, and customers.”

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About Groupe Beneteau
The French group, founded in 1884,
builds a comprehensive range of sailing yachts and powerboats available
through its worldwide dealer network (12 brands, over 200 models). For
decades, Groupe Beneteau has pioneered advances in naval architecture,
design, technology, materials, processes, production and services. From
high-performing one designs for top-level racing to comfortable and
elegant cruising yachts, the Group’s sailing yachts and powerboats are
famous worldwide for their innovation, quality, and seaworthiness.

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