GMA Consulting and Global Wizards Partner to Revolutionize Gambling Consultancy with Advanced AI Solutions

LAS VEGAS, June 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — GMA Consulting (“GMA”) and Global Wizards, a pioneering AI-driven technology consultant, software solutions provider, and digital marketing agency headquartered in Las Vegas, proudly announced today a strategic partnership. This collaboration signifies the fusion of Global Wizards’ cutting-edge AI technology with GMA Consulting’s extensive expertise, poised to redefine the future landscape of the gambling industry.

Global Wizards boasts expertise across Digital Presence and Marketing, Software Development, and Interactive Content, delivering tailored solutions that consistently surpass expectations. By harnessing the power of AI in conjunction with GMA’s renown gaming expertise, this partnership aims to innovate and elevate the gambling consultancy sector to unprecedented levels of success.

In joining forces, GMA Consulting and its clients are set to benefit from the following AI-driven solutions tailored by Global Wizards to specifically augment SEO and boost traffic for sports betting platforms:

AI-Driven Sports Betting: Predictions and Insights

  • Enhanced Sports Predictions: Leveraging vast data sets to accurately forecast game outcomes.
  • Reliable Sports Odds: Providing odds calculations based on extensive statistical analysis for improved betting strategies.

Additionally, Global Wizards’ AI solutions attract organic traffic and enhance conversions by delivering engaging content optimized for search engines, reinforcing GMA’s position as an industry leader and ability to position clients as a trailblazer in the gambling industry.

Comprehensive AI Market Analysis

  • Population Demographics: Tailoring marketing approaches to specific regional audience profiles.
  • Income and Employment Analysis: Developing targeted strategies based on financial and workforce statistics.
  • Real Estate and Traffic Data: Assisting clients in making informed investment and logistical decisions.

GMA Consulting will utilize these powerful AI tools to augment its in-depth market analysis, further facilitating strategic decision-making to enhance service offerings for their diverse range of customers and partners.

Revolutionary Asset Generation with AI

  • Engaging Visual Content: Producing high-quality, customized visuals without traditional copyright limitations.
  • Rapid Asset Creation for Gaming: Accelerating the game development process with AI-generated assets tailored to client specifications.
  • Efficient 2D Animations: Streamlining the creation of animations for enhanced content in games and media platforms.

What was once a prolonged process of creating digital assets has evolved into a swift endeavor, concluding within weeks. GMA has proudly filed a patent around leveraging AI machine learning in casino game development – this advancement not only enhances efficiency but also transcends temporal constraints, ensuring a seamless fusion of precision and creativity.

A Future Defined by AI-Driven Success

This partnership helps introduce a future where sophisticated AI solutions seamlessly integrate into the fabric of the gambling industry. By focusing on SEO-centric content strategies, enhancing user engagement for sports betting platforms, and leveraging modern technology to streamline processes and transform GMA’s extensive data library so it is more accessible for clients and provides greater visibility into specific markets, Global Wizards is poised to assist GMA Consulting in not only navigating but leading the digital transformation.

As GMA Consulting expands its services and client base, Global Wizards’ scalable solutions will evolve synergistically. This partnership isn’t just prepared for the future; it’s actively shaping it, positioning GMA as an industry innovator. Through continuous support, Global Wizards pledges to propel GMA Consulting toward greater achievements, setting new standards of excellence in the industry.

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GMA Consulting is a modern consulting firm created through the merger of Global Market Advisors and The Strategy Organization.  Founding Partners Matthew Chilton, Steve Gallaway, Seth Schorr, Josh Swissman, Kit Szybala, and Seth Young each have decades of deep-rooted experience in the hospitality, gaming, entertainment, web3, iGaming and online sports betting industries.  In 2023, the firm also launched its Government Relations, Strategic Communications, and Talent Acquisition business units.  The company’s client list spans the majority of public gaming companies, 85 Native American tribes, commercial and investment banks, and government agencies from around the world.  For more information on GMA Consulting, please visit

Global Wizards is a leading technology firm dedicated to providing software solutions for everyday digital challenges. Their team combines the expertise of seasoned professionals with deep-rooted experience in AI, technology, and data to deliver quality and transparent results. Founding partners Fernando Polti and a team of experts bring decades of experience in video games, gambling, cybersecurity, and content generation.

Since inception, Global Wizards has empowered businesses across various industries, helping them to achieve their dreams through innovative, creative, and satisfying solutions. Their client list includes a diverse range of companies, from startups to established enterprises, looking to unleash their full potential with visionary and groundbreaking solutions.

In 2023, Global Wizards expanded its services to include advanced AI-driven solutions and strategic technology consulting, reinforcing their commitment to staying at the forefront of technological innovation.

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