Game Changing: Cybever joins Unreal Engine to Transform Game Development

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cybever AI, known for its innovations in the gaming industry, today announced its exciting new partnership with the Unreal Engine Marketplace. This collaboration introduces Cybever AI’s high-quality 3D assets to a broad network of developers utilizing Unreal Engine, a leading game engine owned by Epic Games. This initiative represents a significant step for game developers, offering them access to a diverse range of assets that are compatible with the powerful capabilities of the Unreal Engine. These assets cover various aspects of game development, from character creation to environmental design.

Cybever CEO Cecilia Shen, in her recent statement, emphasized the significance of this partnership: “Integrating our talents into the Unreal Engine Marketplace is a major milestone for Cybever AI. We’re excited to broaden our reach and bring our innovative 3D models to a larger community of game developers. Our presence on this platform underscores our commitment to enhancing the game development process and supporting the creative ambitions of developers globally.”

The introduction of Cybever AI models to the Unreal Engine Marketplace is a landmark event for game developers worldwide. It provides them with revolutionary tools that are set to redefine innovation and productivity in video game creation.

Cybever AI also invites everyone to explore their other offerings on the Unreal Engine Marketplace. For more information, visit


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