Futuri Shares Groundbreaking AI in Media Study at National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show 2024; Reveals A New Era of Human-AI Collaboration in Content Creation

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–At the hotly anticipated NAB Show 2024, Futuri’s CEO Daniel Anstandig, alongside co-presenter Ameca, the AI-powered humanoid, shared findings from the most comprehensive study ever conducted on AI’s role in media. In collaboration with CMG Custom Research, a team that conducts audience research for high-performing television and radio stations, the study surveyed nearly 5,200 radio and TV news consumers across the United States, revealing powerful insights into audience perceptions, expectations, and the future of AI-powered media content.

The findings challenge the traditional approach of media production and content creation, suggesting a shift towards openness to human-AI collaboration: “Futuri’s study shows that audiences are open to media’s adoption of AI for content creation. In fact, they already believe they’ve experienced AI in use on radio and television. We learned that audiences believe that AI will assist media in creating more relevant and engaging content. They just want to be informed of its use, and for it to be used in the right scenarios,” Anstandig noted, highlighting the need for balance between human creativity and AI efficiency.

Anstandig added: “This study reveals an industry that is ready to harness the potential of AI to redefine its future. With audience demand for content reaching unprecedented levels, AI empowers broadcast teams to generate the vast volume of content required across multiple platforms to satisfy their audiences.”

Key Insights from the Study:

  • Audiences are ready for AI:
    • 1 out of 5 people in the US believe they already listen to a radio station that is using AI. (This is not true in practice.)
    • Nearly half (49%) of TV news viewers believe they’ve already seen AI on the air in the form of humans delivering news or information that was actually generated using AI.
    • In a series of ‘fit’ questions, assessing consumers’ perceptions of the suitability of AI integration with their preferred brands, respondents consistently gave AI high ratings for its perceived compatibility and appropriateness.
    • This signals that audiences are already more prepared for AI-generated content on-air than previously expected.
  • People cannot easily distinguish between human and AI audio content:
    • Participants were presented with paired samples of AI-generated voices created using Futuri’s AudioAI and human voices. 60% of the time, they identified the AI as human.
    • Audiences were also presented with AI video avatar news anchors presenting news, weather, and sports content.
    • While the AI video avatars showed promise, the overall consensus was that the technology is close, but not quite ready for primetime, perhaps indicating better suitability for social and digital channels. AI Audio was found more acceptable by radio and podcast listeners alike.
  • Social media is the #1 place audiences go to for news, followed by local news outlets:
    • Audiences are now turning to social media as their #1 news source, visiting these platforms 50% more often than traditional local news outlets, reflecting a change in how audiences access information. This also reveals an opportunity for news media to enhance reach through better use of social media.
    • While trust for news consumed on social media is lower than broadcast news, consumption on social is markedly higher.
    • These findings further underscore the importance of media outlets to repurpose content across multiple platforms in order to reach audiences. AI provides a clear solution for resource-sparse media to rapidly re-fit content for other platforms, maximizing content already produced.
  • Audiences have a growing desire for customizable AI hosts:
    • A notable 45% of respondents expressed interest in personalizing the personality of AI-driven radio or podcast hosts.
    • 41% of respondents showed interest in tailoring the type of content delivered, indicating a strong consumer desire for customized media experiences.
  • Respondents believe AI will improve content across news, video, and audio:
    • 45% of TV news viewers believe AI can assist in selecting better news stories.
    • 54% of local TV news viewers believe AI can enhance weather forecasts, showcasing the potential for AI to elevate traditional news through proper newsroom integration.
    • Respondents also indicated a high level of trust in AI-generated content, specifically when informed by reputable sources like local and national news outlets.
  • Audiences want AI use disclosed: 90% of respondents want clear disclosure when content or hosts themselves are powered by AI.

Anstandig closed out his keynote by saying: “We chose to present the findings of this comprehensive consumer study with Ameca (the humanoid robot), because we wanted to demonstrate embracing AI as a co-creator and co-presenter in pursuit of helpful insights and audience engagement. AI is inevitable, and wise adoption and integration by the media industry will be key in the industry’s resilience and growth in a time of unprecedented competition. A strong media industry is good for democracy, and good for society.”

Futuri’s AI in Media Study revealed key insights into best practices for broadcasters across TV, radio, news production, and content creators, seeking growth in the rapidly evolving landscape of content creation and distribution in the dawn of the AI era.

More insights are available at https://AIforBroadcasters.com

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