Unveils a Web Store Platform & Anticipates $60 Billion Surge in Direct-to-Consumer Revenue across the 1.5 Billion Global Gamers Market.

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#gamecommerce– launches a Web Store platform, to allow mobile game publishers and developers to reach their audience directly. With an impressive pre-launch sign-up of over 8000 customers, is poised to revolutionize the landscape for the 1.5 billion gamers worldwide.

Recognizing the growing significance of Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) distribution, will provide a streamlined solution for game developers to create their own Web Store within minutes. Major industry players such as Rovio, Playtika, Huuuge Games, and Ten Square Games have long understood the benefits of DTC distribution, allowing them to enhance player relationships and maximize profitability. Web Store brings four core benefits to the indie game development world:

Solving privacy policies. The need for such a platform has become increasingly apparent amidst the challenges posed by stringent privacy policies, notably on iOS devices, which have significantly hampered mobile gaming companies’ ability to track and engage with their players effectively. The introduction of solutions like SKANnetwork aimed to address these issues, yet many publishers have struggled with its implementation.

Alternative to traditional app stores. Web stores enable publishers to bypass heavy commission fees on in-game purchases (IAP) and directly monetize their dedicated player base. In light of recent industry shifts towards maximizing profitability, especially in the face of widespread layoffs, the importance of establishing independent distribution channels has never been more critical. Web Stores offer a lucrative alternative to traditional app stores, allowing publishers to bypass hefty commission fees on in-game purchases (IAP) and directly monetize their most dedicated players. Evidence of this trend’s growing significance is seen in Playtika’s recent report, which attributed over $600M—or roughly 25% of its revenue—to its DTC channel.

Comprehensive, self-serve solution. While larger publishers have the resources to develop bespoke Web Store solutions, smaller and medium-sized publishers have often found themselves at a disadvantage. Recognizing this gap, has expanded its offerings beyond game keys to include a comprehensive, self-serve platform that empowers any mobile game developer to create their own Web Store from scratch within minutes. The platform simplifies integration through widely-used webhooks and APIs, enabling seamless connection of game IAPs to the Web Store. Additionally, offers extensive customization options, ensuring that each Web Store can be tailored to match the game’s branding perfectly.

Global shift. The timing of’s launch aligns with the upcoming enforcement of the Digital Markets Act by the European Union, signaling a shift in the global digital marketplace landscape. This move supports alternative payment methods and distribution channels, echoing changes already underway in regions like the Netherlands and South Korea.

Backed by substantial investment from leading venture capitalists, is rapidly expanding its customer base, now boasting over 8200 indie game developers and publishers eager to establish their independence. This movement echoes broader e-commerce trends, where sellers have increasingly sought autonomy from major platforms like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay, opting instead for solutions like Shopify. forecasts that the DTC channel will contribute over $60 billion in annual revenue to the gaming industry across all platforms within the next five years. With digital distribution representing over 90% of all game sales, owning a dedicated Web Store is becoming indispensable for sustaining and growing profits in the competitive world of gaming.


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