Frontdoor Streem Technology Reimagines the Future of Home Services While Helping the Environment

MEMPHIS, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Frontdoor, Inc. (NASDAQ: FTDR), the nation’s leading provider of home service plans, today announced that through a strong adoption of its Streem® technology within the company’s extensive contractor network, it is improving customer service while at the same time reducing the number of truck rolls.

Over the last roughly two years, contractors participating in our surveys have reported reducing a truck roll 70% of the time after a Streem session.” This is an amazing technology, and it’s helping solve homeowner’s problems faster and through a more sustainable approach,” said Frontdoor chairman and CEO Bill Cobb.

Streem has also helped us reimagine how home service plans can work better to appeal to and serve more consumers. This technology will be a big part of Frontdoor’s new and innovative service offerings that we will be bringing to market this spring and early summer,” Cobb said.

Streem technology leverages augmented reality, video collaboration tools with robust data capture and storage to facilitate remote service calls and reduce the need for in-home visits. Aside from the obvious environmental benefits, remote video support also allows our contractors to see the issue firsthand without relying on the customer’s description of the problem. This can lead to a more accurate diagnosis and faster resolution of the issue, which is particularly important for appliances that are key to daily life, such as refrigerators and ovens.

Unlike video conferencing designed for meetings, the Streem platform’s intuitive and simple user experience is built specifically for remote visual assistance in the real world. Streem Founder and CTO, Sean Adkinson explains, “Streem was created to help companies connect with their customers in the moment, where they are, seeing what they see. By giving eyes to remote support, we bring a new level of customer service to the interaction and unparalleled data and insights to the company, who can see how their product or service is performing in the real world.”

Streem uses augmented reality to overlay visual aids on top of a shared view of the customer’s real-world environment. StreemVision® learning algorithms help to build an understanding of the customer’s space and extract useful details from StreemShot® photos — helping experts better understand their customers’ needs through data-driven insights. With over two dozen patents approved or pending and more on the way, Streem is a proven technology with wide application.

Frontdoor will discuss how it is further integrating Streem technology into upcoming service launches during its Investor Day on March 2, 2023. To learn more about Streem, please go here, or to learn more about investor day, please visit the investor relations home page.

About Frontdoor

Frontdoor is a company that’s obsessed with taking the hassle out of owning a home. With services powered by people and enabled by technology, it is the parent company of four home service plan brands: American Home Shield, HSA, Landmark and OneGuard, as well as ProConnect, an on-demand membership service for home repairs and maintenance, ​​and Streem, a SaaS technology company that creates an interactive, no-download remote video assistance tool to help companies see and solve support needs. Frontdoor serves 2.2 million customers across the U.S. through a network of approximately 17,000 pre-qualified contractor firms that employ an estimated 60,000 technicians. The company’s customizable home service plans help customers protect and maintain their homes from costly and unexpected breakdowns of essential home systems and appliances. With more than 50 years of home services experience, the company responds to over four million service requests annually.

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