From AI Innovation to Record-breaking User Numbers: Freepik Celebrates its Most Successful Year to Date

Freepik reflects on 2023, including reaching over 150 million monthly users, expanding in the US, launching its real-time AI sketch-to-image tool, undergoing a rebrand and acquiring EyeEm.

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Freepik, the global tech company specializing in high-quality audio-visual resources, reflects on its most impressive year to date. Driven by its expansion into the US including opening its first office, the accumulation of over 150 million users per month, a complete rebrand, AI innovation and more, Freepik has experienced incredible growth.

2023 was the year of growth for Freepik – growth in revenue, users and footprint. The company welcomed Jose Florido as Chief Market Development Officer, United States, to lead its market strategy for US expansion and broaden its presence there, including opening a new office. Freepik now has over 8 million US monthly users who download 10 million+ assets per month. Slidesgo, an extensive catalogue of free presentation templates, is also thriving, especially in the education sector, with over 65% of premium subscribers from the region.

As part of this international vision, Freepik acquired EyeEm, the Berlin-based stock photography company. This enriched the company’s content library by gaining access to EyeEm’s unique catalogue of 160 million photographs. It also helped to rebuild EyeEm’s contributor community. Indeed, Freepik’s continued commitment to empowering its contributors means that it now has 50,850 contributors and freelance designers.

This championing of creativity feeds into Freepik’s rebrand in September, which formalized the company’s mission to help people create great designs, faster, and express the power of their ideas. A bigger, bolder brand was realized with a new visual identity, including a new logo, updated messaging and improved user experience on the website. The updated brand identity has been rolled out across all Freepik sub brands including Flaticon, Videvo, Slidesgo and Wepik to reflect the whole company’s success and innovative mindset.

What’s more, Freepik announced that it is providing high-quality Disney assets featuring iconic characters to the masses. Resources include birthday cards, worksheets, calendars, and presentations. Aligning itself with such a world-renowned name represents a huge landmark in the Freepik journey.

Joaquin Cuenca Abela, CEO and Co-founder of Freepik, commented on the achievements from the past year, “Freepik was born out of a specific need to easily find images to design and update websites for our own projects. From these beginnings, we built our content bank, developed our own assets and positioned technology at the center of everything we did, which allowed us to thrive. As of this year, we now have a staggering 250 million+ visual resources available and over 150 million monthly users. I couldn’t be prouder of my team for getting us to where we are today – a platform that prioritizes creativity for all.

“In 2024, we will continue to innovate and I see AI as integral to this. As the technology continues to disrupt all industries, it can be a creative enabler. Our search engine now has integrated AI features such as text-to-image, AI writer and search-by-image. We also recently launched Freepik Pikaso, the real-time sketch-to-image tool. And this is only just the beginning. Freepik is tech-first and that means being a pioneer of AI creativity.”

Launched just this month, Pikaso is Freepik’s sketch-to-image tool that uses groundbreaking LCM technology to allow people to create images by drawing in real-time. The free tool has several impressive features including its camera feature which uses live photos; the screen feature which applies augmented reality (AR) to live video conferencing; access to its icon library which speeds up the drawing process; playback mode for exporting creations as a video to articulate the creative journey; and the upscale feature which makes all images high-definition, no matter how poor the original quality.

25 million+ sketch-to-image creations have been made in Pikaso since its launch. This, combined with over 96 million images created through the AI-generator, Wepik, and over 100,000 presentations developed with AI per day AI on Slidesgo, means more than 120 million AI-based assets have been created on Freepik in 2023. An incredible feat that shows no signs of slowing down.

Key statistics from Freepik’s 2023 include:

  • 158 million monthly visitors to services
    • 8 million monthly visitors from the US
  • 185 million monthly resource downloads
    • 10 million monthly downloads from the US
  • 99% of the world’s countries reached
  • 120 million+ AI-based assets created
  • 580 employees, 850 freelance designer collaborators and more than 50,000 registered contributors
  • 250 million visual resources available on its service network



Stacey Cockram

Aspectus Group

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