Game-Changing Golf Analytics Including Swing Analysis, Club Face Delivery, Shot Launch & Flight Results Made Readily Available For Golfers and Instructors Through Leading-Edge Technology 

SAN DIEGO, June 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Foresight Sports – the industry leader in premium optical launch monitor and golf simulation technology – today announced the highly anticipated partnership with Sportsbox AI is officially live. Combining Foresight Sports’ best-in-class launch monitor technology with Sportsbox AI’s patented single camera, markerless 3D motion swing capture provides the most comprehensive in-the-moment, granular golf data and analytics the industry has ever seen.

The Foresight Sports x Sportsbox AI integration is designed for instructors and golfers alike providing leading-edge data including golf swing analysis, club face delivery and shot launch/flight results. Through Sportsbox AI’s ability to capture, measure, and analyze complex athletic motions in 3D and Foresight Sports’ real-time corrective feedback from a wide-range of industry-leading launch monitors, including the recently announced – QuadMAX – brings a game changing marriage of industry-first technologies set to change instruction for the game of golf.

“We are very excited to launch our partnership with Sportsbox 3DGolf.  The combination of club delivery and ball data with body movement data will provide teachers and students the ability to understand cause and effect like never before.  Furthermore, being able to capture and deliver this information in a user-friendly manner, across all golf environments including simulators, driving ranges and on the golf course, should unlock a new era of fact-based teaching.” said Tim Briand, Director of Business Development for Foresight Sports. “As the game evolves and becomes more tech-centric, this new toolset is poised to be very disruptive throughout the industry and will provide insights that shape the future of golf instruction.”

Available now through Sportsbox AI’s mobile app, Sportsbox 3DGolf, and their website, this innovative integration will revolutionize the game of golf, offering a user-friendly environment that’s effective and efficient, greatly accelerating and improving a golfer’s ability to learn through a more enjoyable experience and better environment.

“As a lifelong golfer, this partnership is the ultimate tool I’ve been waiting for. Our system provides immediate data feedback on every swing, validating changes and improving performance,” said Jeehae Lee, founder and CEO at Sportsbox 3DGolf. “By combining Foresight Sports launch monitors and our AI technology, we are revolutionizing golf coaching, fitting, and training. These integrated products allow golfers to learn from every swing, making no swing wasted. It’s an exciting advancement for the golf industry.”

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About Foresight Sports 
Headquartered in San Diego, California, Foresight Sports develops the most advanced and most trusted performance analysis solutions in the golf industry. Outdoors or indoors, from cutting-edge launch monitors and software to the ultimate virtual golf experience, Foresight Sports is your total technology solution.

About Sportsbox AI
Founded in 2020,, Inc. is an AI-powered technology company that develops coaching and training mobile applications in sports and fitness using patent-pending 3D Motion Capture and Kinematic AI technology. Through our unique technology that can capture, measure and analyze complex athletic motions in 3D, combined with the knowledge and experience of the world’s leading instructors in each sport, Sportsbox AI brings real-time corrective feedback to help athletes achieve their goals in sports and fitness. The company launched its first product in October 2021 with Sportsbox 3DGolf — an app that turns your mobile phone into a 3D motion-capture device and instantly provides 3D animation and motion data about your golf swing with just a single video.

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