Fincons Group announces latest partnership with Wideverse for Scotty Expert platform

Fincons Group partners with Wideverse, to launch the Scotty Expert platform, connecting frontline workers with remote experts.

Milan, 2nd February 2022 – Fincons Group, an international IT business consulting and system integration company with over 2000 employees in EMEA and in the USA, announces the latest partnership with Wideverse, the academic spin-off company of Polytechnic University of Bari specialized in delivering AV/VR, AI and Recommender Systems tech solutions and devising products for industry 4.0, for the launch of “Scotty Expert”, a platform developed thanks to a long-standing expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Machine Learning for Recommender Systems.

Together, the companies will provide the market with a brand-new solution offering the best know-how and skills in manufacturing industry. This cooperation further bolsters Fincons’ client offering with an innovative software for connecting frontline workers with remote experts, enhancing operators’ on-site performances with AR technology, real-time video communications, and contextual data holograms. The software is fully compatible with all wearable and mobile devices and brings end users the best, most immersive, and innovative AR experiences responding to all industry requirements.

Scotty Expert guarantees access to remote knowledge, minimizes machine downtime and reduces transfer costs. It can be implemented in several fields of applications, starting from workforce training with 3D models and multimedia experiences enabling the worker to be fully involved in the coaching process, through to maintenance activities with the opportunity to lead long-distance operations between experts and on-site workers via shared 3D environments including even the proof of concepts based on common scenarios.

“Fincons thus confirms its commitment to innovate while delivering clients value and standing by them throughout their digital transformation journey,” explains Michele Moretti, CEO of Fincons Group, “It is a great opportunity to partner with Wideverse. This is a concrete example of a fruitful collaboration with an innovative company that combines academic knowledge, solutions, and results coming from research labs.”

“We see Fincons Group as a valuable partner,” adds Tommaso Di Noia, CRO of Wideverse, “their deep understanding of manufacturing sector and the commitment and involvement in huge projects with tier-one companies will act as a springboard for the success of Scotty Expert in industry 4.0, introducing sustainable processes and revolutionizing the approach to core operation activities.”

About Fincons Group
Fincons Group is an award-winning IT business consultancy with 39 years of experience in IT Business Consulting and System Integration active in different industries including Financial Services, Media, Energy & Utilities, Transportation, Manufacturing, Public Administration and International Institutions & Research. High quality, scalability and competitiveness are guaranteed by the Smart-shore IT Service strategy made available through the Delivery Center in Bari and 7 national hubs. Innovation is a mindset for Fincons, which constantly invests in Research & Development and collaborates with international Universities and Research Centers, ranging from technology scouting to solution engineering, co-investing with pioneering customers. With over 2000 employees, Fincons Group has offices in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, UK and US.

About Wideverse
Wideverse is a start-up, spin-off of the Polytechnic of Bari, born in October 2016, which develops products and solutions based on Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. Developed around the notion of Metaverse, Wideverse vision is to create new tools capable of enriching our daily experience in designing and using information and improving operational processes through better information management and technology-mediated physical interaction. Wideverse mission is to make everyday activities more engaging through VR/AR/MR and AI technologies. To achieve this goal, Wideverse develops products and software solutions also based on IoT and wearable devices. The flagship product of Wideverse is Scotty.Expert, a Mixed Reality platform that allows the user to provide remote support to operators in the field, create and manage operational field procedures, adopt an innovative approach to on-the-job training. All this, supported by artificial intelligence technologies and solutions.

Source: RealWire

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