edatanetworks Inc. Receives Multiple Patent Approvals from USPTO for Artificial Intelligence with Digital Commerce for Community

EDMONTON, Alberta–(BUSINESS WIRE)–edatanetworks Inc. announced today that five (5) additional patents have been approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). These patents relate to artificial intelligence, rich transactional data, augmented reality, as well as automated enrollment while directing merchant micro-donations that benefit local non-profits and foundations.

The approved patent 11,763,336 discloses the use of artificial intelligence to establish customer segmentations with detailed consumer personas. These enable local businesses to define incentives that are targeted and relevant to consumers based on community and philanthropic preferences. Using artificial intelligence, customer targeting can be automated based on their respective classifications.

Approved USPTO patent 17/728,193 utilizes rich tokenized transaction data to create actionable insights, key analytics, and intelligent decisions for ecosystem participants. This drives predictive capabilities enabling the direction of merchant driven micro-donations for local communities and charitable organizations. This also provides merchants with valuable consumer insights and real time feedback from the transactions.

USPTO has approved patents 11,756,067 and 17/845,531 which streamline and expedite marketplace on-boarding of businesses through the utilizations of multiple data sources and algorithms. These patents support participant adoption through a unique claim-your-profile approach to on-boarding – reducing barriers and simplifying participation.

Through approved patent 17/320,824, algorithms are used to identify and surface augmented reality advertisements based on behavior patterns and real-time transaction data while delivering measured results for merchants.

Local small and medium businesses can be transformed through these patents and digital commerce ensuring they will benefit from actionable insights and a measurable return on marketing spend; all while strengthening local communities around the world,” said Terry Tietzen, Chief Executive Officer.

About edatanetworks

edatanetworks Inc. (edata), edatanetworks.com, a privately held intellectual property company established in 2001, has worked with many organizations and conducted multiple live market deployments creating patented philanthropic innovations utilizing existing technological and financial infrastructures—connecting consumers, local merchants, charitable and community organizations, digital media groups, communications companies, search providers, social networks, banks, payment networks, trusted intermediaries and other financial services organizations.


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