E-WIN USA Edition Champion Series Ergonomic Computer Gaming Office Chair with Pillows

By Nick McMillan

Today we will be reviewing the EWIN USA Champion Series gaming/office chair. This chair looks to be a newer variation of their gaming/office chairs and E-WIN has taken advantage of new improvements that fix some of the main issues/concerns other consumers have had with this series of chairs.

Upon receiving the chair, I unboxed the contents and I am pleased to say that the contents are packaged in a way to prevent all damage and The packaging is aesthetically pleasing. The process of assembling this chair took around 35-45 minutes. The assembly process was simple and easy to follow. So the average Joe would be able to assemble this chair no problem.

I was astounded at the quality of material that EwinRacing gaming chairs use for their chairs. The colors are vibrant and the leather of the chair is well bound together making for a beautiful long lasting chair.

I had seen consumers had issues with previous E-WIN chairs flipping over when leaning forward on them but as for this chair they have fixed that by what looks to be a redesign of the base where the cylinder connects the chair and the rollers. The base that bolts under the seat is now in the shape of a V giving added stability when leaning forward.

The headrest cushion and back cushion are also well made and are adjustable and very comfortable. The cushions gave that added back/head support for those of you that spend long hours behind a desk every day.

In conclusion I would recommend this chair to consumers of all sorts. Whether you’re a gamer or working in an office this chair will give you the comfortability and back and head support you need to go through the day.

The chair I am currently reviewing is also on sale right now at the time of writing this article and as far as cost this is very affordable for the quality of chair you will receive.

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