Dreamscape Immersive and Zoe Immersive Partner to Simplify 3D Creation for Collaborative Virtual Reality Experiences

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dreamscape Immersive, the world’s leading location-based virtual reality company, today announced it has licensed the technology behind Zoe Immersive‘s 3D creation platform. Zoe’s easy-to-use, cross-platform no-code 3D world creator toolset allows anyone, from novice to expert, to create and share interactive immersive experiences — a skill previously reserved for those with extensive knowledge of game engines or visual effects programs. Dreamscape will leverage the Zoe technology to build cutting-edge collaborative VR experiences, such as virtual classrooms, immersive training exercises, and remote conferencing capabilities. Now, everyone — including educators, students, and executives — will be able to create multi-user interactive experiences, built on Dreamscape’s revolutionary VR platform. By merging motion capture with body mapping and advanced kinematics, Dreamscape experiences allow large groups to interact with each other with a level of immersion never before achieved in the industry.

“We see the future of education, work, and play as virtual activities, where shared social spaces serve as the backbone for learning, exploration, and problem-solving. Our vision is critical on making such spaces accessible and adaptable to all,” said Walter Parkes, co-founder, and CEO of Dreamscape. “Zoe Immersive’s toolset is a great democratizer of this process. By simplifying VR creation and putting these powerful tools into the hands of many, our companies hope to further expand the availability of the unique immersive VR experiences which can be built on the Dreamscape platform.”

The Zoe Immersive and Dreamscape Immersive  partnership will expand the reach of Dreamscape Learn, a joint venture between Dreamscape and Arizona State University to transform education through immersive learning experiences. With the integration of Zoe’s technology that allows for the creation and hosting of 3D virtual learning spaces and games, Dreamscape Learn empowers educators to create their own high-quality virtual classrooms without any coding experience.  Using Zoe’s simple and visual interface, teachers and students can import 3D models by simply dragging and dropping objects into projects, as well as program interactivity into the learning environment with intuitive controls. Lesson plans and coursework quickly come to life as advanced, adaptive VR educational experiences.

Outside the classroom, Dreamscape will utilize Zoe technology to develop training and professional learning applications for corporate and government entities, putting customized, easily adjustable curriculum within reach. The toolset will also serve Dreamscape’s remote networking, virtual collaboration, and avatar-driven conferencing capabilities.

“Zoe and Dreamscape are like-minded companies — we both believe in the power of virtual reality for everyone,” said Emilie Joly, co-founder and CEO of Zoe Immersive. “Partnering with Dreamscape means that together we can bring new compelling ways for individuals and companies to influence learning and communication and do it in such a manner where anyone, regardless of their skills, can create 3D environments to share. ” Backed by investors Dart, Copper Wire Ventures, HTC, and Alpana, Zoe also has more than 133 individual investors who have signed on to the company’s StartEngine campaign.

The news comes on the heels of growth for Dreamscape. The company recently partnered with Verizon to form a 5G innovation lab, designed to advance 5G and Mobile Edge Compute (MEC) virtual reality applications. Dreamscape also opened its fifth virtual reality destination, featuring a slate of original immersive entertainment experiences that combine Hollywood storytelling with cutting-edge full-body tracking technology. New locations will be announced soon.

Both companies are headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in Geneva, Switzerland.

About Dreamscape Immersive
Dreamscape Immersive is a world-leading VR company pioneering immersive experiences for entertainment, enterprise, and education.

Dreamscape was founded in 2017 by cinematic heavyweights, live events experts, gaming veterans, and medical researchers, who came together under a collective mission: to leverage singular VR technology with Hollywood-certified storytelling to create unforgettable shared virtual reality experiences.

The company’s location-based VR venues began rolling out across the US and Middle East in December 2018 to unprecedented audience enthusiasm, with additional domestic and international locations coming soon. The company currently services the defense and intelligence sector through immersive training and guided simulations for mission-critical skills.  Most recently, Dreamscape introduced Dreamscape Learn, a new partnership with the nation’s leading innovator in education Arizona State University, to transform learning through exploration.

The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, with a facility in Geneva. To learn more about Dreamscape, please follow @visitdreamscape or visit our site at: dreamscapeimmersive.com.

About Zoe Immersive
Zoe Immersive (formerly Apelab) is an award-winning VR/AR software company based in Geneva, Switzerland, and Los Angeles.  Founded in 2014, Zoe Immersive democratizes content creation and  education technology using 3D/AR/VR technologies. The company has created Zoe, an easy-to-use, cross-platform, 3D- world creator for education learning and entertainment. The Zoe technology empowers non- and low-level coders to build and share interactive and engaging 3D multi-user experiences in a collaborative marketplace. The company has partnerships with leading technology companies such as Meta/Oculus, Unity, HTC, Google, and Microsoft, among others. www.zoe.com.

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