Dopple Unveils Revolutionary App, Transforming Shopify Stores with 3D Configuration and Augmented Reality Shopping Experiences

CHARLESTON, S.C., Jan. 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Dopple, a pioneering force in web-based 3D configuration and Augmented Reality (AR) platform technology, has launched its groundbreaking app designed to revolutionize Shopify stores, offering unparalleled realism, engagement, and user interactivity.

Dopple’s app seamlessly integrates with Shopify stores, allowing users to effortlessly incorporate 3D configuration and AR, whilst the cutting-edge features empower users to dynamically configure and customize products in real-time. Customers can immerse themselves in AR, visualizing configurations in their personal space via mobile devices. Interactive elements enhance engagement, including snapshot for capturing high-quality images of the 3D visualizer, auto rotate to signal a product’s interactivity, and custom loading screens, presenting users with a personalized screen while the model loads.

Dopple’s feature-rich platform provides a comprehensive solution for Shopify stores, seamlessly integrating into product pages, email marketing, and more. Customers can customize products in new ways, fostering higher confidence, engagement, and satisfaction.

“As we navigate the dynamic landscape of eCommerce, Dopple is not just providing tools; we’re orchestrating a symphony of innovation. We believe in a future where every click sparks imagination, every interaction deepens connection, and every purchase is a personalized journey. Dopple isn’t just changing how products are viewed; we’re reshaping the canvas of online commerce, ushering in an era where the shopping experience is as unique as each customer served.” Justin Scott, Dopple’s CEO.

Empowering Shopify Growth:
Dopple supports Shopify’s exponential growth, simplifying complexity by generating high-quality 3D models, enhancing experiences across product pages, email marketing, socials, and landing pages.

Analytics Insights:
Dopple’s built-in analytics dashboard provides valuable insights into customer interactions, preferences, and conversion-boosting configurations.

Free and Easy to Use:
Dopple’s app is free to install with no code required, catering to Dopple’s existing customers, including those with existing 3D assets.

Dopple’s platform not only fosters higher confidence and satisfaction but significantly contributes to reducing returns. As Dopple reshapes the digital commerce landscape, users can expect a revolutionary shift in exploring and personalizing products.

Interested parties can now download Dopple from the Shopify Marketplace, transforming their customer experience within minutes! Visit for a demo.

About Dopple:
Dopple is at the forefront of 3D configuration and Augmented Reality technology, revolutionizing e-commerce experiences for Shopify stores. Trusted by leading brands, Dopple enhances engagement, boosts conversions, and provides valuable analytics insights.

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