Developers Can Create 3D Environments & Worlds in Seconds in Unity Through Blockade Labs

No Code Generative AI Art Tool Now Unity Verified Solution Partner

DENVER, Feb. 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Blockade Labs, an award-winning ML and AI innovator focused on developing smart environments and world creation solutions, has officially announced the integration of its Skybox AI into the Unity Asset Store as a Unity Verified Solutions Partner. Now Unity developers can, with just a simple input of user-guide text, harness the power of Skybox AI to create immersive 3D worlds and environments at scale. Skybox AI creators can rapidly prototype, iterate, and integrate stunning HDRI lighting, skyboxes, and 3D world meshes into diverse projects spanning gaming, entertainment, architecture, content creation, education, and beyond.

More than 1 million Skybox AI users have generated over 10 million skyboxes. Unity developers will join a notable legion of Skybox AI creators including Rec Room for Fractura, Pillow, Inc. on their Pillow title for the Meta Quest, and Nvidia. Easy enough for no and low coders, but robust enough for advanced developers, Skybox AI opens world-building to all levels of developers, bringing immersive visions to life into whatever design or project through seamless comprehensive Developer API and native API integration.

As a Unity Verified Solution, Skylabs AI meets Unity’s highest quality and technical compatibility standards, and offers committed long-term support and both enterprise and custom solutions.

“Our mission is to empower creators to transform their imaginations into digital realities through immersive design,” said Marguerite deCourcell, CEO and co-founder of Blockade Labs. “Our partnership with Unity allows us to offer a simple solution with limitless possibilities as these environments can now be seamlessly integrated into Unity projects.”

Skybox AI Features

  • Text-to-skybox: Generate unique skyboxes in seconds by typing prompts, including details like location, environment design, atmosphere, colors, weather, architecture, or anything else you can imagine.
  • Prompt Enhancer: Type a starting point or a request, toggle on Enhance Prompt, and watch your prompt optimize itself for beautiful output.
  • Negative Text: Avoid ideas or objects from being generated by adding them to the negative text field.
  • Styles: Choose from a list of 48 (and growing) art and subject styles to further direct your prompt. Styles include Sky Dome: traditional sky-only skyboxes; Realism: photographic realistic landscapes; Digital Painting: a concept art look; Anime: cell-shaded Japanese animation look; Interiors: indoor architecture and rooms, etc., including Advanced (No Style): maximum control over the look and feel.
  • Remix: Switch up a skybox without changing its core structure. Use Remix to re-generate a skybox while changing its aesthetic, time of day, weather, etc.
  • GUI Editor: Generate your skybox using edit time components or our customized workflow in the included Skybox scene.
  • Environment Lighting: Use your generated skyboxes to realistically light your scene with HDRI style lighting.
  • 3D-World Mesh Generation: Turn your skybox into a depth-extruded 3D mesh with the Mesh Creator. Adjust your mesh density and depth dynamically, then save it as a prefab to use in your scene.

Skybox AI is available in Unity for a low monthly cost of $20.  Full pricing information can be found here.

More on Blockade Labs, visit its website and social media channels:

About Blockade Labs
Blockade Labs is an award-winning ML technology and AI innovator focused on creating solutions for smart environments and world creation. The company’s flagship product, “Skybox AI” is a web-based 360° generative art service with additional API support that allows anyone to rapidly produce high-resolution content through user-guided text and input. The company was founded December 2022 by Marguerite deCourcelle and Adam B. Levine.

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