DataMind Audio Launches Long-Awaited Virtual AI Instrument and Ethically Sourced “Artist Brains” for Windows Users

UK-based startup DataMind Audio radically reimagined how artists can harness AI-powered tech to forge unexplored frontiers of sound design, recently launching a first-of-its-kind instrument: The Combobulator. Created by musicians for musicians, this real-time generative AI instrument powered by custom models (called “Artist Brains”) offers access to an artist’s sonic mind and musical style. Following the buzz of the launch, DataMind is now extending access to its Combobulator and Artists Brains to even more producers and sound designers by rolling out the long-awaited Windows-optimized version. 

The launch of the Combobulator for Windows rides on the coattails of DataMind’s appearance at the IRCAM Forum, where DataMind Co-Founder and Managing Director Catherine Stewart  appeared on a panel alongside masters of the AI-music domain, including Miller Puckette (Associate Director of the Center for Research in Computing and the Arts at UC San Diego), Anotione Callion (research scientist at Google DeepMind), and Phillippe Esling (Associate Professor and researcher in machine learning and AI at IRCAM). At this session, DataMind Audio represented the practical future of AI-generative music without stifling creativity or ethical principles–and was warmly welcomed by the panelists and audience alike.

In addition to support from reputable institutions in the space like IRCAM, Innovate UK, and Edinburgh University, DataMind Audio’s flagship AI-powered VST plug-in has caught the eye of more producers and artists. Originally launched with Artist Brains from globally known sound design innovators like Rob Clouth, Mr. Bill, and Eliderp, DataMind is now onboarding more artists for Brain training. The most recent artist to consensually train their Artist Brain is ill-esha, the ever-evolving Canadian producer, sound designer, and DJ. 

“AI-powered music production is a huge trend, but Combobulator stands out with its intuitive controls and unique and ethically trained algorithms” says artist ill-esha (aka Elysha Zaide) former Berklee sound designer and music tech/industry innovation leader “I’ve always had a mission to inspire next generation creators and to share everything.. but I couldn’t have imagined the possibility of the best producers being able to tap into my sonic aesthetic, and I definitely never imagined earning revenue that way. DataMind has truly created a special experience in music making.”

“We didn’t really know what to expect when we launched, but it wasn’t long before we heard the buzz among sound designers and producers. That’s when we knew that we had to develop a Windows version of the Combobulator as soon as possible,” music producer and technologist Ben Cantil, DataMind Audio Co-founder. “Watching the sound design community embrace our new instrument has been incredible, and we look forward to reaching even more artists and producers with this new update.”

“We are very proud of the business model we developed that empowers artists to thrive and benefit from using AI in creative spaces,” says Catherine Stewart, Co-Founder and Managing Director at DataMind Audio. “Thanks to the launch of the Combobulator and Artist Brains for Windows, we hope to reach even more producers, sound designers, and artists looking to create using the most cutting-edge tools available.”

About DataMind Audio
DataMind Audio was co-founded by Catherine Stewart, Ben Cantil, Rob Clouth, Zack Zukowski and CJ Carr (Dadabots), Norman Visser and Martin Parker. We are a small company created by musicians for musicians, making AI-powered music production and sound design software that empowers artists, remunerates them well, and opens up previously unimaginable creative landscapes.

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