DataCore Streamlines Asset Access With New Perifery Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro

State-of-the-art Panel Features Advanced Metadata Search, Metadata Enrichment, and Rapid Content Browsing Capabilities

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DataCore Software announced today the new Perifery Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro. The Perifery Panel streamlines access to content for DataCore Swarm and Perifery users on Adobe Premiere Pro, significantly improving the efficiency of media production workflows. The new panel allows users to enrich the metadata of searched objects and speeds up the search for media assets, optimizing content browsing on one of the most popular video editing software applications. Offering a seamless connection to DataCore’s Perifery-powered appliances and Swarm object storage software platform, the new panel ensures fast access to media content and metadata for users in the media and entertainment industry.

“Having to leave an editing platform to perform tasks such as content browsing or metadata search is an impediment to the creative process,” said Abhijit Dey, chief product officer at DataCore. “With the new Perifery Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro, users have immediate access to content contained on our world-class storage platform and can quickly drag and drop to the timeline to start editing media content, without leaving the panel window.”

With the new metadata-aware Perifery Panel, editors no longer need to use complex search tools outside the Adobe Premiere Pro application or rely on obscure file names to quickly find needed assets. The Perifery Panel supports advanced metadata search capabilities, enabling users to rapidly locate content clips and objects based on specific topics or projects. Offering an unparalleled ease of use, the panel accelerates content searching, browsing, reviewing, and previewing.

Furthermore, the panel allows users to easily drag and drop assets from Perifery appliances and Swarm storage into the Adobe Premiere Pro timeline. By providing users with direct access to content sequences, clips, effects, and streams, the panel enables editors to complete projects faster.

The DataCore Perifery Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro is available as a free download to customers with Perifery-powered appliances or with a DataCore Swarm software license.

DataCore will demonstrate the new Perifery Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro at NAB Show New York, Oct. 19-20 in New York City, at booth 1640. More information about DataCore is available at

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DataCore Software is dedicated to delivering world-class solutions to the most challenging storage problems. For over 15 years, the most demanding media and entertainment organizations have counted on DataCore’s Swarm to preserve and protect their petabytes of high-resolution content. Fast, secure, affordable, and scalable, DataCore’s Swarm speeds up content monetization for media professionals.

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